What Are the Materials of the Blanket?

June 20,2022

Blanket is a commonly used bedding. Blankets are coarse wool textiles, which are generally divided into pure wool blankets and blended blankets. Today, I will briefly introduce to you the material classification of blankets.


5 Tips for Blanket Cleaning

June 07,2022

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How To Remove The Mites From The Quilt

May 23,2022

As one of the bedding, the quilt needs to be in close contact with the human body, for the sake of our health, the quilt should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it may breed mites and endanger our health, so how to remove the mites in the quilt? What are the best ways to clean the quilt?


Important Steps for Cleaning and Disinfecting Cotton Slippers

May 09,2022

Cotton slippers may be wet and smelly after wearing them for a long time. Therefore, after wearing cotton slippers for some time, in addition to a large number of bacteria inside, there will also be a lot of dust stains on the outside, which need to be cleaned regularly.


Types of Blankets

April 19,2022

The common types of blankets on the market are: Coral wool, flannel, Raschel, wool wool wool, etc. among them, coral wool, flannel, and Raschel are the three most easily confused blankets. Among them, coral velvet and flannel are both fabric names.


How To Choose Quilt Cover?

April 07,2022

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How Often Should Bedding Be Changed

March 22,2022

We spend most of our time sleeping, so the hygiene of bedding is closely related to our personal health. Although the stains cannot be seen on the surface, the seemingly clean bed actually collects so many bacteria and dust mites that we ignore the existence of these microorganisms because we cannot see them.


Types of Indoor Slippers

March 09,2022

According to different types, the wearing feeling and advantages brought by each indoor shoe are also different. You might as well choose according to your preferences.