How Often Should Bedding Be Changed

March 22,2022

We spend most of our time sleeping, so the hygiene of bedding is closely related to our personal health. Although the stains cannot be seen on the surface, the seemingly clean bed actually collects so many bacteria and dust mites that we ignore the existence of these microorganisms because we cannot see them.


Why should we change our bedding frequently?




Several allergens can be detected in the bed we think is comfortable. Even if our body does not have allergies, these allergens will enter the mouth and nose when we breathe, especially some allergens are too high. It can cause allergic symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose.


In addition to these allergens in the bed, there is also our sweat and sebum, which are excellent breeding grounds for bacteria and microbes, in addition to different fungi, dust mites, and if you have pets in the house There will also be animal fur, pollen, etc.


How often should we change our bedding?


In fact, it is best to change and wash the bedding once a week. Of course, this also needs to be adjusted according to different seasons. For example, in summer, the weather is hot and the body sweats a lot. At this time, the time for changing and washing needs to be shortened. In winter, the weather is drier, although the body no longer sweats, but because the environment is dry, a lot of dander will fall off. When we get up in the morning, we will find that there are a lot of dander residues on the sheets, so we should also shorten the time for changing and washing, or clean up the hygiene of the bed in time.


In other seasons, because the weather is warmer, bacteria multiply the fastest, so it is best to change and wash it once a week.


In conclusion


Only by ensuring the cleanliness of the bedding can we have a safe guarantee for our health and improve our quality of life.