How To Choose Beddng Products?

April 25,2021

Have you ever calculated the time you spent in the bed? Approximately, you spend 1/3 time in your bed except for working and enjoyment. Therefore, bedding has a great influence on our body. Good bedding allows you to spend a comfortable night.


nice bedding


How To Choose Bedding Products?


The fabric of the bedding is very important, the fabric is in direct contact with the body.



The most common fabric for bedding is cotton, which has a good ability to absorb sweat and is soft and comfortable when molded. It can be used all year round.


Linen and silk

Silk bed sheets have been used by nobles since ancient times, so the price is not cheap, but the silk bed sheets feel smooth to the touch and can be very close to the skin. The touch of flax and silk is very different and will be much rougher. But linen is very breathable and comfortable to sleep in summer.



The material of the filler is roughly divided into porous and single pores. The more pores, the more airy it feels and the better the elasticity. The filling material of the bedding is best to use feathers or non-impurity cotton.


Plain and knitted fabrics

Plain weave is a kind of bedding weave that first appeared. It is more breathable but not durable. Knitted fabrics have only appeared in the last two years. They are extremely soft and skin-friendly, but they are not durable. You can choose according to your needs.


Bedding style

The style of bedding must conform to the overall style of the room. If your entire room is in black and white minimalist style, but you use a large Northeast fabric bed sheet, there will be a sense of contradiction. Sheets are also a very important part of home decoration, so you must also consider the decoration style of your home when choosing, and choose the most suitable bedding.



If your quilt is custom-made, when choosing bedding, you must first measure the size of your quilt, and then choose the right bedding.



Color is the key, beautiful color, transparent, comfortable and not rigid.



Edges and corners


The style of the bedding is simple, and ordinary customers think that there is no "model" problem. In fact, it is not the case. The corners of the pillowcase, the corners and openings of the quilt cover, and the tailing of the bedsheets all test the cutting, production level and quality of the bedding. key.


The high-quality bedding will not be a straight line type, but will have subtle arc processing, because the fabric has good toughness and the corners are naturally straight.




No matter how good the fabric is, if the bed sheet trailing or the open area of ​​the pillowcase is just 1 cm or 2 cm hemming, it will lose color. It is the same as high-end clothing. High-quality bedding is used in pillowcases and bed sheets. The edging at the tail is generally 8 cm-10 cm.



Stitches are tiny details. Foreign brands will strictly specify the size of stitch stitches. The standard for bedding is between 2 mm and 2.5 mm. If it is too large, it looks rough and too small is tight.


Hope these tips can help you choose bedding.