How To Choose Quilt Cover?

April 07,2022

A good quilt cover have many benefits, which can facilitate you to sleep. This paper introduces several types of quilt cover especially suitable for winter.


quilt cover


Coral velvet quilt cover


It is a soft texture, and long fluff can always bring the warmest care to the skin. It has excellent water absorption, which is three times that of all cotton products. It has no irritation to the skin and no allergy. And it has beautiful appearance and rich colors. The soft coral velvet quilt cover is especially suitable for use in winter, so that you can feel the incomparable warmth at the moment you lie in the quilt.


Frosted quilt cover


Frosted fabric is also known as frosted printed fabric. Frosted fabric belongs to high-grade combed cotton. Its main characteristics are fluffy and thick, good heat preservation performance. And the surface fluff of frosted quilt cover fabric is short and dense.


Cotton quilt cover


The cotton fiber made of pure cotton has good moisture absorption. This is because the cotton fiber with excellent performance can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%. Therefore, the quilt made of pure cotton can touch people' skin, making people feel soft but not stiff. Moreover, the main component of cotton fiber is natural cellulose, which has good air permeability and no stimulation in contact with skin. It is beneficial and harmless to human body after long-term use, and has good hygienic performance. Therefore, cotton quilt cover is a wise home choice.


Polyester cotton quilt cover


Polyester cotton fabric is a kind of blended fiber, which is made of some chemical fibers and some natural cotton fibers. This fabric retains the durability of chemical fiber and the comfort of natural fiber, and it has characteristics of low cost, not easy to fade and bright colors. It is a quilt fabric with high cost performance. However, polyester cotton fabric is easy to pilling and generate static electricity because of its material.


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