How to Choose Right Quilt Covers?

January 17,2022

Quilt cover is covered outside the quilt. Quilt cover is one of the four pieces of bedding. Good quilt cover material can make your sleep more comfortable. But what kind of quilt cover is comfortable?


Types of Quilt Cover


The material of quilt cover is mainly divided into: pure cotton quilt cover, wool blended quilt cover and satin quilt cover. Pure cotton is the most common material in the market, and it is most commonly used. Of course, it does not mean that all pure cotton materials are the best. In fact, due to different processing processes and brands, there are both good and bad quality quilt covers.




Characteristics of Different Types of Quilt Covers


Pure Cotton Quilt Covers


The cotton fiber made of pure cotton has good moisture absorption. This is because the cotton fiber with excellent performance can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%. Therefore, the quilt made of pure cotton can touch people's skin, making people feel soft but not stiff. Moreover, the main component of cotton fiber is natural cellulose, with good air permeability, no stimulation in contact with skin, long-term use is beneficial and harmless to human body, and good hygienic performance. Therefore, pure cotton quilt cover is a wise home choice.


For pure cotton quilt cover, it is divided into jacquard cloth and printed cloth. They are very different in manufacturing technology and material quality. Jacquard fabric has soft texture, fine and smooth feel, good gloss, good drapability and air permeability. Because jacquard cloth adopts silk thread dyeing process, it has high color fastness and is as new as new for long time. Further that, its flower pattern is large and exquisite, with distinct color levels and strong three-dimensional sense.


Pure cotton printed cloth is printed on pure cotton grey cloth with various bright colors or patterns. The patterns are changeable, but because the color patterns are printed and dyed, the color will turn gray with the increase of washing times.


Stain Quilt Cover


The satin material belongs to the relatively high-grade material in the quilt cover. Generally, the quilt cover of this material is mostly used in the wedding bed set, or in the European luxury home decoration.


The selection of quilt cover materials should be different according to different seasons. Generally, it is better to use pure cotton twill material in summer, because this material is more comfortable and breathable, and it is cooler to use in summer. In winter, we should choose the matted quilt cover material, because the matted quilt cover feels softer and closer to the skin, which has a good warm keeping effect in winter. In general, there are many kinds of quilt covers. Different types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pure cotton quilt cover is generally a wise choice.


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