Important Steps for Cleaning and Disinfecting Cotton Slippers

May 09,2022

Cotton slippers may be wet and smelly after wearing them for a long time. Therefore, after wearing cotton slippers for some time, in addition to a large number of bacteria inside, there will also be a lot of dust stains on the outside, which need to be cleaned regularly.


cotton slippers


Before cleaning the cotton slippers, the dust and stains on the surface of the cotton slippers need to be washed off, and then the cotton slippers should be soaked in warm water mixed with washing liquid, and the inside of the shoes should be brushed with a brush, especially some dead corners need to be brushed well, to achieve the cleaning effect. Finally, wash them with clean water, and then dry them.


For cotton slippers with a peculiar smell, a simple cleaning may not completely remove the smell. At this time, you need to put some activated carbon in the dried cotton slippers, or put a towel dipped in a small amount of alcohol into the cotton slippers. After a few hours, the moisture and peculiar smell in the shoes will be absorbed, and alcohol can also disinfect. This can ensure the cleanness and hygiene of cotton slippers.


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