Pay attention to the washing process of embroidery bedding

May 05,2021

After using solid-color bedding for a long tim, we occasionally think about changing the style. Changing to embroidered or printed products will also make your mood different from usual. When we first received the embroidered bedding, we all needed to clean it. As a wholesale bulk embroidered bedding manufacturer, we remind you that you need to pay attention when cleaning, to avoid bad mood due to improper washing of your new bedding.


wholesale bulk embroidered bedding manufacturer


Embroidered Bedding


Most of the embroidery products are made by computer embroidery, and some are made by hand embroidery. When washing embroidery products, the biggest worry is the fear that the embroidery thread will go off, spin, or even get broken. Wash the embroidered Bedding according to the 1, 2, and 3 points of the printed products. Remember, before soaking at point 3 (the steps for the printed products are below), you must first turn out the embroidered pillow and turn in the embroidered side. Then put it in the washing machine that has dissolved the detergent, and be sure to use a gentle washing method.


When washing embroidered beddings, no matter how large the capacity of your washing machine is, you can only wash these beddings individually each time. Do not put other clothes, buttons or metal products of other clothes are entangled with embroidery thread.


Before the embroidered quilt cover is exposed, try to flatten the quilt cover and air it, and families with conditions to dry it should also try to avoid drying it. Because the ribbon in the embroidered quilt cover may be deformed during the drying process, causing unsightly appearance. Be sure to use a low temperature when ironing.


wholesale bulk embroidered bedding manufacturer


Printed bedding


1. Since bleach has a strong detergency, it must be remembered that detergents with bleach ingredients are prohibited, and it has a bleaching function, which can easily cause the color of printed products to fade.


2. Wait for the detergent to fully dissolve in the water before putting it into the bedding. No matter whether it is machine-washed or hand-washed, after choosing the detergent, fully dissolve the detergent in the water before putting it in the dirty quilt cover. In this way, the dirty quilt cover can fully absorb the cleaning molecules in the detergent, which is more conducive to the cleaning of the bedding.


3. Do not soak in water for a long time (generally not more than 1 hour). Soaking in water for a long time will not only damage the color of the printed quilt cover, but also cause the fabric to swell, deform and shorten its service life.


4. Do not expose to the sun for a long time. Long-term exposure will also cause the bedding to fade.


Dear embroidered bedding lovers, please follow the above method to wash your embroidered bedding, which will keep your bedding clean and have a longer use time.