Types of Indoor Slippers

March 09,2022

According to different types, the wearing feeling and advantages brought by each indoor shoe are also different. You might as well choose according to your preferences.




Shoe wrapping: it is quiet and not easy to fall off when walking


This kind of shoe-wrapped slippers looks like ordinary shoes. They are not only less likely to fall off than traditional slippers, but also less likely to make a popping sound when walking. In addition, I believe many people have the experience that slippers almost come loose when going up and downstairs. Because the wrapped shoes can closely wrap the feet, they can also be said to be the safest type of indoor shoes. It is especially suitable for children and elders with small steps and unable to lift too high.


Front opening: it helps to breathe and is not easy to be muggy


If you pay special attention to the problem of hot feet, this kind of breathable front open (fish mouth) slippers must be the best choice; And this structure can also avoid foot odor or Hong Kong feet caused by the accumulation of moisture and heat. It is most suitable for use in hot summer or after taking a bath. In addition, for people who are not used to wearing slippers, front open slippers can also reduce the sense of restraint and make them more comfortable to wear.


Boot type: warm, suitable for winter or air-conditioned room


It's always easy to get cold hands and feet in cold seasons. If so, try this kind of boot-type indoor shoes that can cover your ankles! Because it is made of warm materials, the thermal performance will be better than ordinary slippers. When choosing this kind of indoor shoes, don't forget to make sure whether your toes can move flexibly in the shoes when wearing socks, so as not to feel tight and uncomfortable due to wearing them for a long time. However, it will be more laborious to wear and take off boot-type indoor shoes, especially when there is a harmonious room at home or when you have to go in and out of the toilet frequently.


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