Various Types of Slippers

February 22,2022

As a kind of shoes, whether it is at home, or going out for leisure, or going to the beach, slippers are loved by more and more people for their convenient design. But on different occasions, the material selection of slippers is also different. Today, this blog will introduce common slippers materials, let's take a look.


Plastic Slipper


Plastic slippers are a household staple. Especially in the shower, the anti-slip characteristics of plastic slippers can provide better protection for the feet. And in swimming pools, hot springs, and even seaside beaches, plastic slippers are indispensable. But since plastic slippers are not breathable, slippers with holes are more comfortable to wear.


Cotton Slippers

We Provide the Best Cotton Slippers


The weather is cold in winter, and thick and warm cotton slippers have become one of the essential warm items at home in winter. However, you should pay attention that cotton slippers should not be shared with others to avoid bacterial infection.


Rubber Slippers


As a natural material, rubber has the effect of green environmental protection. Moreover, natural rubber is very soft. It's not limited to indoors, rubber slippers with trendy designs can also help you to create a casual style.


In short, slippers of different materials have different advantages, so you can choose them according to your actual needs. As a professional slippers supplier, we will provide you with the best quality products. We look forward to your visit.