What Are the Materials of the Blanket?

June 20,2022

Blanket is a commonly used bedding. Blankets are coarse wool textiles, which are generally divided into pure wool blankets and blended blankets. Today, I will briefly introduce to you the material classification of blankets.




What are the materials of the blanket?


  1. Polyester. Polyester is an important variety of synthetic fibers and is the trade name of polyester fibers in my country. Polyester fabrics have high strength and elastic recovery. Durable, wrinkle-resistant and non-iron. Polyester fabrics have poor hygroscopicity, feel stuffy when wearing, and are easy to carry static electricity and dust, which affects the appearance and comfort. However, it is extremely dry after washing, and the wet strength hardly decreases, and it does not deform.


  1. Acrylic. Acrylic fiber is the trade name of Chinese polyacrylonitrile fiber. Acrylic fibers have excellent properties. Because its properties are close to wool, it is called "synthetic wool". Although acrylic fiber is usually called polyacrylonitrile fiber, acrylonitrile only accounts for 90% to 94%.


  1. Nylon. It has better strength and abrasion resistance and ranks first among all fibers. The hygroscopicity of nylon fabric is the better variety among synthetic fiber fabrics. Nylon has poor air permeability, poor air permeability, and is prone to static electricity.


  1. Animal fiber. Animal fibers mainly include wool, mohair, rabbit hair, cashmere, camel hair, yak hair, etc. Among the many blanket materials, animal fiber blanket is the most popular and the best one because it is also expensive in the market. The animal fiber blanket has good thermal insulation effect, is very soft and comfortable in contact with human skin, is densely woven with animal fibers, has good elasticity and is very durable.