Wholesale bulk polysilk bedding manufacturer, supplier, factory

July 16,2021

It is the perfect way of life to be able to choose economical, light-weight and warm bedding for the winter. What material can currently meet? My answer is poly silk bedding.


Wholesale bulk polysilk bedding manufacturer, supplier, factory


Poly silk


Poly silk is a chemical fiber composition, because polyester material is added to give it better strength and make it durable. For different purposes, the mixing ratio is also different. For example, if you use poly silk to make sarees, there may be an 80/20 polyester blend; in order to obtain a cheaper fabric, so that people can afford it, silk Will also be added to polyester.


Why poly silk bedding be used in winter?

When the mixture of polyester and silk is compared with heavy silk, polyester yarn becomes lighter and softer, and its heat absorption performance and comfort are very good. Although they are also suitable for summer, please avoid using them in summer, because you cannot guarantee that poly silk is still polyester when you buy. After all, there are many businesses that mix polyester in now.

Related knowledge

Polyester yarn belongs to chemical fiber, the characteristics of chemical fiber and natural fiber;

Polyester filament chemical fiber has a wide range of uses in applications. In addition to traditional clothing, it is developing into industries such as automobiles, construction, interior and exterior decoration of buildings, and labor protection. The development direction of chemical fiber applications shifted to non-clothing fields. The share of East Asian and African clothing chemical fibers in total demand is increasing year by year, especially the excellent properties of chemical fibers, which are the best choice for special industrial fields and are in a special and important position.

1. Regenerated fiber


Its chemical composition is the same as natural cellulose, but the physical structure has been changed, so it is called regenerated cellulose fiber. Such as viscose fiber, acetate fiber, cupra fiber, etc., our country mainly produces viscose fiber. Features: soft hand feeling, good gloss, good moisture absorption, good air permeability, good dyeing performance (not easy to fade). The disadvantage is that the wet fastness is poor, that is, the water strength becomes lower.

2. Synthetic fiber


Polyester, characteristics: good strength and abrasion resistance, stiff, not easy to deform, have the reputation of being non-iron, and not easy to fade. The disadvantage is poor water absorption. Nylon, features: high strength, good abrasion resistance, ranking first among fibers. Disadvantages: Like polyester, it has poor moisture absorption and air permeability. Acrylic fiber, features: better polishing than wool and silk fiber. But the wear resistance is poor. There are also vinylon, polypropylene, spandex and so on.


If you want to get poly silk bedding for 2021 winter in advance, it is time to take action.