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July 08,2021

There are many kinds of Bedding/Bedding set, and the price varies greatly. Ningbo Texline Import & Export Co., Ltd is one of the leading wholesale Bedding/Bedding set manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have rich experience in bedding products, today we provide you with useful tips for buying bedding products.


wholesale bulk Bedding/Bedding set manufacturer


Price influencing factors


The following five factors affect the price of the bed: material, quantity and density, weaving method, dyeing process and decoration process.




Pure cotton

Pure cotton is the most widely used material. Tianzhu cotton, Australian cotton, long-staple cotton, washed cotton, and knitted fabrics are actually pure cotton. The difference lies in the type of cotton (long-staple cotton), the place of production (Australian cotton), and the weaving method ( Knitted cotton, Tianzhu cotton) and further processing technology (washed cotton).


Cotton blended yarn

Because linen cloth is too expensive, cotton blended yarn is generally a blend of cotton and linen. It has a refreshing and breathable texture and is suitable for summer use. It belongs to some high-end products of pure cotton.


White silk

It is a material developed by British Acordis company using wood pulp fiber as raw material. It has silky smooth luster, but at the same time it takes into account the breathability of cotton, and it is not as fragile as real silk. It is a great choice for summer bedding.



The most advanced material, the price is also the most expensive, but it is too brittle and easy to snag.



Polyester mainly emphasizes the functional part, such as milk fleece coral fleece in winter, and some low-cost imitations or low-end bedding products, such as cotton washed cotton.


Count & density

Simply put, it is a certain type of cotton. How many yarns are woven into it. For example, 32 yarns are 32 yarns, and 100 yarns are 100 yarns. Therefore, the higher the count of the woven fabric, the thinner the yarn, the thinner and smoother the woven fabric will be. And the density is the yarn density used for a square cloth, such as 128*68, 200*95, etc., which is the number of warp and weft threads, and the sum of the two numbers is the sum of high count and high density, which is greater than 180.


Weaving process

After the spinning is finished, we begin to weave. Everyone has heard of the weaving method of weaving.


The exquisite luster brought by the weaving method also has a soft touch and a texture.


Coloring technology

1. Yarn-dyed

It is the process of dyeing cotton first and then weaving. Pure cotton washed cotton represented by MUJI is basically a yarn-dyed process.


2. Printing

This refers to the traditional printing method. More representative is the continuous repeating, relatively flat pattern, this kind of printing cost is lower, and the pattern is relatively monotonous and simple.


3. Digital printing

Different from traditional printing, there are computerized pattern design software, the color patterns are richer, finer and stronger, more environmentally friendly, and the gradient is softer and more delicate.


4. Jacquard

When the fabric is weaving, the pattern is formed by the change of the warp and weft structure. The pattern is relatively regular, mainly geometric patterns, and has a sense of order and beauty.


5. Embroidery


This is the most common, but don't think that there are such flowers, dragons and phoenixes in your mind. In fact, embroidery can be very young or very artistic.


Exquisite bedding generally combines a variety of craftsmanship, and exquisite bedding is expensive. It is a great choice for birthday gifts or wedding gifts. If you need professional suggestions for your bedding/bedding set, welcome to buy custom Bedding/Bedding set and check the price with us.