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July 13,2021

Cotton is the most widely used category, and it is also very suitable for summer. This time choose Cotton Quilt set to accompany you through the summer of 2021, and they are very easy to maintain.


wholesale bulk Cotton Quilt set manufacturer



To be honest, if you want to find a quilt set made of pure cotton on the market, it is a bit of a needle in a haystack, but it still exists, but it will take us more time.


Cotton is an environmentally friendly crop and can be combined with other fillers such as wool and down to make high-quality quilts.


We can't avoid that our cotton bed cover will be mixed with some quilts containing lint or lint, so our quilt cover is easy to stand on the lint. Here are some tips for removing the lint.


1. Try to dip it with tape, tear off the tape, stick it on the quilt cover, and tear it off. The cotton wadding will be glued away.


2. Use fire removal method (with certain danger), light a candle, hold the duvet cover to control a certain small area, and quickly pass by the flame. The cotton wool will be burnt up instantly, but pay attention to controlling the distance from the fire and the speed of passing the flame. Otherwise, there is a danger of dirty removal or burning holes in the quilt cover.


3. Use a sweater clipper togently cut off the surface of the quilt cover. It is best to hang up the duvet cover during the cutting process to prevent it from sticking again.

How to prevent cotton products from fading


This is our most commonly used method. Turn their inside out to dry, and we also become the reverse air method. Because ultraviolet light is the culprit of clothes fading. Therefore, not only need to dry it on the contrary, if there is a standard, place it in a naturally ventilated and shading area as much as possible to dry the cotton products.


How to solve the fading problem of cotton products

Good item: vinegar

For bright red or blue-purple textiles with bright hues. The way is to add some ordinary vinegar to the bed linen water and soak it for a while! But the amount of vinegar should not be too much, otherwise it will dye the front color products.


What kind of quilt set is best for children?

My answer is that the cotton, cotton material has good moisture absorption, can absorb moisture in the air, so that people will not sleep too dry, but also breathable, safe and healthy.


Of course, it is best to have a little brushed, so that the surface will feel a little more comfortable, and the yarn count should be small, which will be soft.