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July 08,2021

The choice of quilt/quilt set can make the room more stylish. They can match your room color and style very well. Of course, this is all if you choose the right quilt cover style and color. If you choose a quilt cover style and color too rich, it will reduce the room style.

wholesale bulk Quilt/Quilt set manufacturer

How to choose a quilt


1. Types


General quilt cover designs are divided into two types, jacquard and printed. The two designs are different, but in comparison, the jacquard is more wear-resistant and durable. The patterns of the printing are diverse, beautiful and pretty. However, we can't distinguish the quality of the dye material. The grades are uneven, and it is easy to cause allergies. If you like simple and elegant colors, it is recommended to consider more jacquard quilt covers.


2. The fabric


A good quality duvet cover will have a smooth and soft feel. It can achieve perfect contact with the skin.


3. Smell


If you compare two quilt covers of different grades together, it is actually easy to smell the different odors of the two quilt set, especially the printed quilt cover. You can't smell the good printed quilt set. I have something special to ask. If the printed quilt cover is not good, the manufacturer will generally use a variety of strong spices to cover the smell of impurities, so the general fragrance will be relatively strong.


4. If you check carefully enough, you should turn over the quilt cover for inspection. In many cases, the good and bad of the quilt cover will be reflected here. If the quilt cover is good, you will find the meticulous stitch processing in its inner layer. There is no extra thread, and no broken thread, so in many cases, details are the key to quality.


My summer suggestion


It's summer, my suggestion is to choose cotton and linen-based duvet covers, bedding in solid colors or non-bright colors is a good choice. Natural cotton fiber has good affinity to human skin and strong moisture permeability. If you want to have winter in 5 months at the same time, you can use wool materials, such as wool, rabbit fur, and other polyester and spandex.


If you have enough budget, you can choose silk duvets. High-quality silk is warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition to breathe and absorb moisture, it can also nourish the skin. Now click here to view information about the quilt or quilt set. If you need it, please feel free to contact us, we are always there. Phone:+86 574 5500 1820; Mail: texline@texline.com.cn.