wholesale bulk Satin Bedding manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 16,2021

Satin actually is the weave not the textile. This material is shiny and smooth, and is often used to make exquisite dresses. In addition, it is also the material of bedding, and you can see them everywhere. After you use satin bedding, you will like this material.


wholesale bulk Satin Bedding manufacturer,suppliers,factory


Satin characteristics

They have a glossy appearance similar to silk, and you may be curious about its material composition. Stain can be made of many materials, such as silk, rayon, acetate, viscose, cotton, nylon, and polyester.


What is the difference between satin and silk



Silk is natural fabric while the stain is synthetic. Silk is made of silkworm silk.



First of all, we must know that they are excellent bedding fabrics, but stain bedding is more affordable than the silk.


Wash method

Silk has higher requirements. They can only be washed by hand, while stain can be machine washed.


Outward appearance

Luxurious touch, while stain is silky smooth and soft.



It is more difficult to care for silk fabric than stain fabric.


What is the difference between satin and sateen


Different fiber

Satin uses filament. The silk we mentioned in the stain characteristics, polyester fiber, etc. are all filaments. In fact, a long time ago, it could only be made of silk, but considering the gloss, cost, and durability, it is now usually made of nylon or polyester blends.

Sateen fiber yarn is made, including cotton and rayon. In order to obtain a silky effect, it usually goes through processing such as combing and combing.


Cleaning method

Satin can be machine washed, but it depends more on the material. They are generally dry cleaned and hand washed more.

Sateen is machine washable.

Why does stain bedding have a bleak side?

This is a good question. As we mentioned above, stain is a kind of woven fabric. In the process of weaving, the thickness of the fabric is easily affected by the twist of the yarn and the content of the fiber. The quality is also related to the thickness of the satin. One side is shiny and the other side is dull because of the weaving method and wave processing of the fabric.


If you want fabric bedding that is as smooth as silk and you want it to be cost-effective, stain bedding is a good choice.