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July 09,2021

Do you know the fillings in the quilt? In my cognition, the filling of a solid quilt is cotton. My hometown has the habit of making cotton into a quilt. I think it is very heavy. Some quilts are very light and most are duvets.  So this is only my stereotype.


wholesale bulk Solid Quilt manufacturer


Know the filling of the quilt


1. Chemical fibers (synthetic fibers)


It includes polyester cotton (polyester fiber), soft cotton (loose cotton), hollow cotton and slippery cotton.


Polyester cotton


It is generally solid, with poor elasticity and warmth retention, and feels heavier. It is suitable for medium and low-grade fillers. If you find that your quilt is a solid quilt, then the filling of the quilt is polyester cotton.


Soft cotton (loose cotton)


Hollow cotton or three-dimensional crimped single-hole cotton is made through processes such as carding, paving, glue spraying, and finishing. Usually it is made of finer fibers, sprayed with soft glue, and treated with high temperature resistance and disinfection. It has a soft hand and light weight. It is often used as a multi-purpose quilt for high-end bedding.

Hollow cotton


Generally, it has a hole or a hole, and has good elasticity and warmth retention. It is suitable for filling medium and high-grade products.


Single-hole cotton: The fiber has a hollow hole, which has better elasticity and warmth retention than polyester solid cotton, and has a lower price. It is generally used as a filler for popular bedding.


Porous cotton: This type of fiber has 4 holes, 7 holes, etc., and the specifications are 6D and 8D. They are all three-dimensional crimped cotton, with excellent elasticity, warmth retention, air permeability, light weight, and a comfortable human feel. Because the fiber pores can keep the moisture and oxygen in the air, it can provide human skin metabolism, which is beneficial to health. Generally used as high-end fillers, the cost is higher.

Slippery cotton


This cotton has one hole, after finishing, it feels very comfortable, smooth, warm and elastic.


2. Natural fiber




After degreasing, washing, and carding, the wool is used as a filler, which has good warmth retention performance. Wool has good curl, moderate thickness, good resilience, and strong moisture absorption and breathability. But the price is higher. The quilt filled with real good wool is uniform, smooth, elastic and odorless.




Use silk as a filler, light, soft, good thermal performance, close-fitting and durable, can reduce the burden on the cardiovascular system, can effectively prevent moisture from invading bones and muscles, defense against harmful gases and bacteria intrusion, and enhance the vitality of body cells. health benefits. It is especially beneficial for rheumatism, arthritis, and frozen shoulder. But the price is expensive. A truly good silk quilt must use pure filaments, which are uniform, flat, soft, and elastic, with a basically uniform appearance and no peculiar smell.




Using cotton wool as a filler, although it has good warmth retention, it is easy to regain moisture, thick and easy to harden.



Use down as a filler, good warmth retention, light and soft, not easy to regain moisture, but the price is very expensive. A good duvet should be fluffy, soft, uniform, and odorless.

Different types of fillings result in different performance of the quilt. Through understanding, solid quilt is actually relatively thin, similar to a blanket, which is very suitable for air-conditioned rooms. If you are interested in solid quilt, please feel free to contact us, we have hot-selling products for your option.