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July 08,2021

Slippers are used in the bathroom, and the problem it will face is mold and blackening. Do you have any of these problems with your bath slippers? Have you found a solution? This article provides you with practical tips.


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Understand the reasons for moldy and black bath slippers

Our feet secrete all kinds of dirty things every day, and sometimes the skin of our feet will also accumulate on them. If they are not dried in time after being wet, the water will stay in the slippers for too long, which will cause them to become moldy and smelly. It feels sticky and uncomfortable.

Blackened bath slippers cleaning tips

1. Scrub with salt and baking soda


The crystals in table salt can increase the friction against black dirt, and have a more obvious cleaning effect on stubborn dirt with strong viscous ability. Baking soda is an all-purpose decontamination expert, not only can dissolve stains, but also has the effect of cleaning and brightening.




First moisten the darkened area of ​​the slippers slightly, then wipe off the dry salt, rub back and forth with a small brush, about three to five minutes after brushing, gently rub the salt water with your hands a few times, and prepare a bowl Warm water, add two or three spoons of baking soda powder to the water, stir evenly, after the baking soda powder is completely dissolved in the water, soak the slippers brushed with salt in the water. After soaking for about ten to fifteen minutes, remove the shoes again, sprinkle dry baking soda powder on the dirt that has not completely dissolved, and then use a small brush to brush it a few times, and finally use water to remove the salt and baking soda. Rinse it clean and you will find that the slippers have been wiped clean.


2. Rub white vinegar and detergent


Part of the black dirt on slippers is the fat discharged from our body, so a solvent that can dissolve the fat is needed to decontaminate. Both white vinegar and detergent can remove oily dirt. White vinegar can soften hard dirt, and detergent can dissolve grease and kill bacteria. Therefore, it is better to use these two things together.




Pour half a cup of white vinegar into the prepared warm water, and then soak the slippers in the water for about five minutes. After the temperature of the water drops slowly, take out the slippers, then squeeze a few drops of detergent into the basin, then pour some clean water, stir with hands until foaming, and then soak the slippers in the water again About fifteen minutes. Finally, we took out the slippers and found that the grease and dirt were soaked and peeled off. After a few strokes with a brush, the foam and stains were washed away with water.


3. Scrub with toothpaste and toilet water


Toothpaste is a good abrasive. It can not only effectively wipe off the dirt, but also brighten the color. Slippers that have been damp for a long time will emit a dull musty smell, which requires toilet water to drive off the peculiar smell. Toilet water can not only deodorize, but also has the effect of sterilization and insect control. Therefore, if plastic slippers not only have black hair and yellow, but also have a strong peculiar smell, the two items can be combined to decontaminate and deodorize.




Prepare a discarded toothbrush, squeeze a large amount of toothpaste on it, and then drip toilet water on both sides of the toothpaste and toothbrush. After the toilet water has slightly penetrated the toothpaste, wipe off the blackened surface of the slippers. If the bottom of the slippers is also stuck with black dirt, you can also wipe the black dirt on the bottom of the slippers patiently after finishing scrubbing the bottom of the slippers, and then wash the scrubbed part with clean water, and then apply toothpaste and toilet water. , And scrub again on the dirt. Each scrubbing takes five to ten minutes. After repeating scrubbing two to three times, the slippers will turn white and clean, and emit the fragrance of toilet water. This method is time-consuming.


Moldy cleaning tips on bathroom slippers


1. Soak in salt water
2. Soak in tea water
3. Soak in vinegar.


If the mildew spots are heavier, it is recommended that the previous soaking time be longer. Considering the cost and odor, it is relatively feasible to use salt water. Finally, put the detergent in warm water and use a brush to brush it.


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