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July 06,2021

A coat for the cushion can be better integrate with the indoor decoration. Cotton cushion covers may be your favorite. Master good matching tips to make your room look new.


Matching knowledge of cushion cover


1. The colors and materials of the cushion cover you choose is unique and it always with your personal style. The cushion covers with dark patterns looks like more graceful and luxurious, suitable for decorating luxurious homes. Brightly colored cushions are suitable for modern-style rooms. Cushion covers with warm colors are suitable for the elderly. Cushion covers with cool colors are mostly used by young people. Cushion covers with cartoon patterns are popular among children.


2. A large area in the room is white, and the atmosphere lacks a sense of jumping. At this time, the color of the cushion cover should not be too bright, and dark blue, dark green, and red are more suitable.


3. The pattern of the cushion cover can be varied and varied, or even a separate cloth color, as long as the color can be coordinated with the entire room environment.


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Cotton cushion cover and space style match


1. The British pastoral style gives a feeling of grandeur and elegance, especially the romantic atmosphere created by the floral cushion cover. Create a British pastoral style living room, using cotton floral fabrics to make cushion covers, can make the living room full of the beautiful British pastoral style.


2. Pop art home accessories have extremely saturated colors, so you'd better choose cotton cushion covers with orange red, peacock blue as well as bright yellow.


3. The Moroccan style is combine with the classic Persian spiral pattern pillowcase, which helps create an exotic bedroom atmosphere for you.


Care of cotton cushion cover


1. When washing, please do not use bleach, do not use high temperature hot water, use lukewarm water and cold water.


2. At the end of a season, it should be washed clean, dried in the sun and stored in a dry place. In areas with high humidity in the south, it should also be dried regularly.


3. When washing the dark-colored cushion cover, the soaking time should not exceed 10 minutes (including products with both dark and light colors). Be careful not to wash locally, rub it on a large area, and do not mix and wash with other light-colored fabrics.


Cleaning tips for the cushion cover


Cotton fabric has strong alkali resistance, acid resistance, and high temperature resistance. It can be washed with soap or other detergents. Before washing, it can be soaked in water for a few minutes, but not too long to avoid damage to the color.


Generally, the washing temperature should not exceed 40℃, and it is better to wash the reverse side; if there are decorations, please remove the decorations before washing. Do not soak cotton fabrics with sweat stains in hot water to avoid yellow sweat spots.

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