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July 05,2021

Are you looking for information related to cotton pillows? Regarding cotton pillows, we have collected some useful information for you. You know, as one of the leading wholesale cotton pillow manufacturers, we often received many questions about it. Now you can browse them, know them, and master them.


wholesale bulk cotton pillow manufacturer


Cotton pillow

The cotton pillow feels soft and comfortable, and has good moisture absorption and breathability. It feels soft and not stiff when lying on it. It can be washed and dried easily.


Who should use cotton pillows


If you are sleeping on your back, abdomen, or side, cotton pillows are perfect for you. And cotton pillows have a wide range of uses, and almost all sleepers can use them.


Why the pillow is yellow

The reason for the yellowing of the pillow is mainly because when we sleep, the secretions, grease, sweat, etc. on the hair soak into the pillow, and then come into contact with the air, oxidize and turn yellow.

What to do if cotton pillows turn yellow

Method 1

Generally, if the yellowing of the pillow is not serious, you can apply toothpaste, and then gently scrub with a soft and warm brush, which can achieve a certain degree of removal of yellow stains.


Method 2

Put the orange peel in hot water, then throw the pillow to soak, usually soak for about half an hour, and then wash it with clean water, which can remove yellow stains to a certain extent. I often use this method to slow down denim hair Yellow question.


Method 3

Dilute it with dish soap in warm water, then put the pillow in it and soak it for about one night, and then wash it with clean water the next morning to achieve a better de-yellowing effect.


Method 4

Washing with vinegar water is to first dilute the white vinegar with warm water, then put the pillow in and soak for about 5 to 8 minutes, add laundry detergent to the yellow area, and rub it repeatedly, which also has a better de-yellowing effect.


It is best to put the cotton pillow in the pillowcase, so that it is cleaner, easier to clean, and prolongs the life of your pillow.

How to wash cotton pillows?

Hand wash method

1. Use mild detergent for washing.

2. Put the pillow into the washing powder solution and keep squeezing the pillow with your hands until it is cleaned. The excess washing liquid must be squeezed out.

3. Run water until the pillow is rinsed, and finally squeeze the excess water dry.

4. Lay the pillow flat to dry, it will be softer and fluffy.


Machine wash method

1. Use mild detergent for washing.

2. Use a large washing machine to wash two pillows at the same time. If only one can be accommodated, it is best to add a towel to wash together to equalize the water flow.

3. If it is dried, the pillow will more easily recover its original elasticity and become softer and fluffy.


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