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July 12,2021

The degree of exquisiteness of embroidered quilts is higher than that of printed ones. I have embroidered quilts from decades ago in my house, but because of the cleaning problem, I use them less now because the people in our family are lazy, including me. However, its beauty cannot be denied.


wholesale bulk embroidered Quilt manufacturer


How are embroidered quilts made

The current embroidered quilt is machine embroidered. Embroidery means that after the cloth (quilt cover) is woven, the pattern is embroidered by the machine (under normal circumstances). Compared with printing, it will not fade during washing and has good breathability and moisture absorption. And other characteristics, the price is more expensive than the printed ones.


How to clean embroidered bedding


Most embroidered beddings are made by computer embroidery, and some are made by hand embroidery. The biggest worry when washing embroidery products is the fear that the embroidery threads will fall off, get silky, or even get broken.




1. Do not use detergents containing bleaching agents. Bleaching agents have a strong detergency. The bleaching function will easily cause the color of the embroidery thread to fade, which will make the quilt cover lose its original luster.


2. Whether you wash it by machine or by hand, you should not put the bedding first at the beginning, but wait for the detergent to fully dissolve in the water before putting it, which is more conducive to the cleaning of the quilt cover.


3. Turn out the inner layer and hide the side with the exquisite embroidery pattern.

4. Do not soak for a long time (please control within 1 hour) because too long soaking will cause deformation of the quilt cover fabric and shorten its service life.


When washing embroidered beddings, regardless of the capacity of your washing machine, you can only wash these beddings individually each time. Do not put in other clothes, the buttons or metal products of other clothes are entangled with the embroidery thread.


Before the embroidered quilt cover is exposed, try to flatten the quilt cover and air it, and families with conditions to dry it should also try to avoid drying it. Because the ribbon in the embroidered quilt cover may be deformed during the drying process, resulting in unsightly appearance. Be sure to use a low temperature when ironing.


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