wholesale bulk embroidered Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 14,2021

I like the embroidered Quilt set, especially the perfect coordination of colors and patterns, which gives me the illusion of being in the countryside. I like the fresh summer style.


wholesale bulk embroidered Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory





If you want to create a low-key and quiet sleeping environment, elegant purple is the best choice. Although it looks ordinary, it looks more elegant after being embellished with exquisite embroidery patterns. 100% microfiber polyester embroidered Quilt set.

Red wine

Red looks bold, because they are often wedding items. But as long as it is coordinated with the bedroom, your bedroom will become more classic and fashionable, and it will no longer be a special product for the wedding room.


Matching them with white embroidery will reduce the celebration of weddings and even festivals, and make them more commonplace. The exquisite stitching is designed to make you sleep more comfortable.



Green is more suitable for summer, with exquisite embroidery patterns, you can completely spend the summer night.

Cleaning rules for embroidery quilts

The cleaning methods and maintenance methods of embroidery quilts of different materials are very different. Before you wash, you need to check the washing label and tell you what to pay attention to, which can't be done and which can be operated. In order to make your quilts have a longer lifespan, please make sure you can clean them properly.


There are many factors to consider. When we buy, no matter the color, the material or even the style, we are dazzled. We also have many concerns in order to get the best embroidered Quilt set. Sometimes, an embroidered Quilt set manufacturer can help you and give you professional advice. Ningbo Texline Import & Export Co., Ltd is one of the leading wholesale embroidered Quilt set manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy custom embroidered Quilt set and check the price with us.