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July 06,2021

We should be grateful for the existence of cushions, especially for people who see driving as their career, always sitting or people with poor waist. They give them power to spend the day. Embroidered cushions are generally kept at home because they are extremely precious and beautiful, and they can also play a decorative role. Of course, if you like embroidered cushions, they can also be in your car, office, etc.


wholesale bulk embroidered cushion manufacturer


Cushions are generally divided into two types, household and automotive. This article mainly talks about which is better for household embroidered cushions.

Do you like watching TV on the sofa, or lying on your phone, or reading a book? The padding of the cushion can make us more comfortable.


Sofa cushions with different fillings feel different. Generally speaking, sofa cushions are mainly filled with three kinds of fillers: sponge, down and rayon. Different fillers have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Which kind of sofa embroidered cushion filling is good?

Whether it is down, sponge or rayon, each has its own advantages, so we only need to buy them according to our actual needs.


Down filling

Down fillings have a very comfortable sitting feeling, can be used for a long time, and are not easy to deform, but they are expensive and have weak resilience. They are usually used as fillings for high-end embroidered sofa cushions.


Sponge filling

Sofa cushion padding such as sponge is a familiar material, and it is also the mainstream padding for sofa cushions. The sofa cushion of this kind of material has excellent mechanical properties, good elasticity, strong air permeability, and has a large compression load and is not easy to deform.


Artificial cotton filling

Using artificial cotton as the filling of sofa cushions is very cost-effective, because it has good softness and comfortable sitting, but the price is much lower than that of down filling. Of course, it also has certain shortcomings, that is, its The mechanical properties are poor, but if it is used as a pillow filling, this shortcoming can be avoided, so the cost-effectiveness of using artificial cotton as a sofa cushion filling is very high.


In short, down, sponge, and rayon are the three mainstream fillers for sofa cushions. And among them, rayon is the most cost-effective material for ordinary households. Of course, if we have higher requirements for the quality of life and a sufficient budget, down fillings are more comfortable.


wholesale bulk embroidered cushion manufacturer


Where can i buy nice embroidered cushion?


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