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July 05,2021


Embroidered pillows reflect the traditional characteristics of the Chinese nation. If you come to China to travel and want to buy practical gifts with local customs, then embroidered pillows are your best choice. We are a wholesale bulk embroidered pillow manufacturer, welcome to visit our website and choose them.


wholesale bulk embroidered pillow manufacturer


Chinese embroidered pillows

In the Chinese Uyghur language, we call embroidered pillows "Kansitrik Yasdok". The pillows are filled with chicken, duck, and goose down, and are available in square, rectangular and round shapes. The pillowcases are embroidered with various patterns of flowers, fruits, insects, birds, animals, etc. with embroidery, complementing, weaving, etc., which are very beautiful.


Embroidered pillows are an indispensable embellishment in the lives of Uyghurs. They often put this kind of pillows on the bed, wooden box or bedding in the bedroom, with the embroidery facing outwards, just like blooming flowers, colorful. There are many types of pillows, most of which are square.


Embroidered pillows are also an indispensable dowry for girls when they get married. Before they get married, many girls work diligently to practice various embroidery skills and choose their favorite patterns to show off their skills after marriage. There are many kinds of embroidery methods, including flat embroidery, knot embroidery, pan gold and silver embroidery, cross stitch, velvet embroidery, grid embroidery, comprehensive embroidery, patchwork, patchwork, cutout, knitting and so on. Embroidered pillows are mostly white, but also sky blue, red and gray.


How to quickly embroider pillowcases

1. We put the prepared pillow cases on the bed

2. Open the folded pillowcase, open the opening downwards, and unzip the zipper

3. How to set pillows quickly

4. Pinch the center points on both sides of the pillow with your right hand

5. After pinching the pillow with your right hand, open the pillowcase with your left hand

6. At this time, tuck the upper corner of the right-hand pillow to the upper two corners of the pillowcase, and it must be full

7. Afterwards, the opening of the pillowcase is upward, and the two corners of the pillow are pinched with the right hand to the corner above the opening

8. After the pillow is put in, pick it up and shake it a few times, and smooth the surface.


📖 Additional knowledge


In addition to bedding, embroidered pillows are also an idiom in China. The sachet is very delicately embroidered, but it contains a bag of straw. It means to refer to a person who has appearance but no intellectual ability (Just same as the meaning of "macaroni"). If you meet a person who looks handsome, but is ignorant and has no talent, you can also describe him as an embroidered pillow.


wholesale bulk embroidered pillow manufacturer


The purpose of pillowcases

The main purpose is clean and sanitary. People are in contact with the pillow for a long time, and the bacteria in your hair and the snails left in sleep will stay on the pillow.


Set pillowcases, one is to better isolate the pillow from direct contact with bacteria, and the other is to better clean it. Because the pillow core is not well cleaned, it is unrealistic to take out the cotton or latex in the pillowcase to clean it. This is why many doctors now emphasize the need to wash pillowcases frequently! It’s best to take out the pillow once every two weeks and let it dry in the sun for sterilization and ventilation. We must keep clean and hygienic products that we often touch personally.