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July 08,2021

How to buy house Slippers

Going home after get off work, changing into house slippers is the time to release your on the slippers. Good slippers can make your feet more comfortable after a tiring day. As a wholesale bulk house Slippers manufacturer, we’d like to share tips to choose house slippers.


wholesale bulk house Slippers manufacturer




There are leather, plastic, rubber and other materials on the market, which should be selected according to your needs. For example, you can choose leather slippers in summer, which can absorb sweat and heat insulation.



Good quality slippers have neither a pungent odor nor a pungent fragrance, while poor quality slippers will have an unpleasant chemical smell.



Don't buy tight shoes, it will be very uncomfortable. If it is a pointed-toe slippers, there should be a margin of 1 cm between the big toe and the toe.

If you are buying thick-soled lace-up slippers, you should choose a slightly larger one, otherwise it will feel tied up if you wear it too tightly.



Whether it is easy to clean is also an important factor in purchasing. Slippers are something to wear every day, it is easy to leave some stains and sweat stains. So pay attention when buying slippers, be sure to choose some simple design, such slippers will be more convenient to clean.



Remember that safety comes first. If you wear slippers to wet places like the kitchen and bathroom, in order to avoid slipping, you must pay attention to whether the soles are non-slip.


Water absorption

It is recommended to buy one with poor water absorption, because such slippers will quickly dry out after being wet with water.


Choose house slippers according to your needs


Shower and kitchen

Plastic slippers are a must-have item for household use, especially in the shower. Plastic slippers do not store water, dry quickly, and have non-slip features to provide better protection.


The advantages of plastic slippers are that they are light, waterproof and easy to clean, but they also have the disadvantages of being impermeable and easy to damage the skin.


When buying plastic slippers, the easiest way is to smell them directly. It is best not to choose slippers with a pungent odor. In addition, plastic slippers with soft soles are more comfortable to wear, and non-slip soles also help ensure safety.


Indoor or outdoor


house slippers can be used for outdoor


Rubber slippers

The sole of the rubber slippers is made of rubber. The rubber is very soft, very elastic and comfortable to wear. It is not limited to indoor wear. The fashionable design of rubber slippers can be worn even when you go out, and it can also create a casual and casual style.


Its advantages are non-slip, soft, waterproof, and the sole is not easy to break, but the hard damage of rubber slippers is but not wear-resistant.


When shopping for rubber slippers, you can choose natural rubber slippers for a comfortable and soft wearing experience. If you use them outdoors, you can choose a synthetic rubber material with stronger abrasion resistance.


Linen slippers

Compared with traditional home slippers, linen slippers are made of natural plant fiber linen, which has good moisture absorption and breathability. The water absorption capacity is 8 times that of cotton and chemical fiber, and it is static-free, dust-free, easy to wash and dry. But special attention should be paid to that linen slippers should not be exposed to acidic substances, which can easily damage the linen material.


Its advantages are sweat absorption and good air permeability; disadvantages are: it is not waterproof, and the linen is easy to break when it gets wet.


When buying linen slippers, try to choose a product with clear texture, natural density, strong tensile strength, and natural and soft surface luster. This product has the best quality.


I hope that the above purchasing skills will be helpful to you.