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July 07,2021

Everyone prefers a cooler way, slippers are a must in hot summer. For men, how to choose slippers? Before buying, we first look at the types and materials of men's slippers, and then master the guide on how to choose slippers. 


wholesale bulk men Slippers manufacturer


Types of men slippers




Sandals and slippers can be worn in all seasons, cotton slippers are warm, and you can wear them in winter.




Flip-flops, flip-flops, flip-flops, hole slippers, flat-bottom slippers, net slippers, fish mouth slippers, etc.


Slippers are classified by purpose


Household slippers, fashion slippers, beach slippers, bathroom slippers, massage slippers, etc.


Slippers material

Plastic slippers (suitable for shower)

Plastic slippers are a must-have at home, especially in the shower, they are easy to clean, but they are not breathable and do not absorb sweat. Cheap plastic slippers will smell bad and make noise when walking in water.


Rubber slippers (you can go out)
The sole is rubber, soft and elastic. It can be worn casually, but it is not abrasion-resistant.


Cotton slippers (winter)

Thick and warm, soft; but not waterproof, easy to smelly feet.


Linen slippers (absorb sweat but not waterproof)
It absorbs sweat and has good air permeability; but it is not waterproof, and the linen is easy to break when it gets wet.


Leather slippers (need good maintenance tips)
It has good air permeability, is soft and shiny, absorbs sweat and wicks moisture; it must be carefully maintained and try not to get wet.


When buying slippers, it is recommended that you choose the size that you wear. If you choose a larger size, you will always feel like it will fall off. Walking will also be procrastinated and easy to trip. If you choose a smaller size, wear it again. Will pinch your feet, uncomfortable. Of course, you can also follow your own preferences, some people like to wear slippers of the size of the size. You can try it on on-site when you buy it. Pay attention to the evaluation when you shop online. Some slippers brands may have larger or smaller product codes.


Slippers buying tips


  • Good slippers, no pungent odor, and no pungent scent.
  • Look at the workmanship of the slippers, whether the upper sole is flat, whether it is deformed, and whether there are glue stains.
  • The slippers will not appear white inferiority when bent down. They are not easy to break, have good flexibility, and soft and elastic slippers will not grind their feet.
  • Good slippers do not slip on the feet, and low-quality slippers not only slip on the soles of the shoes, but also slip in the shoes, and the entire sole of the foot will move forward.


Men sweat easily, what should I do if they wear slippers and have bad feet?


Reasons: Quality problems of slippers, poor ventilation; athlete's foot caused by fungal infection.

Suggestion: Use foot light to soak your feet, and then use ointment. In addition, considering the quality of slippers, choose slippers with good air permeability.


How to remove the odor of slippers

Wash and dry frequently, you can buy some sprays similar to deodorants on the market. If cotton slippers are smelly because of sweaty feet, you can rub baby powder or spray some antiperspirant.


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