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July 10,2021

Thanks to OPGW, we have connected to the network and widen our knowledge of the quilt. You may not know that the most used at home is the microfiber quilt in winter. Why and what is a microfiber quilt, why we invest in it? As a wholesale microfiber Quilt manufacturer, we’d like to share most important information with you including cleaning tips and answers to some questions.


wholesale bulk microfiber Quilt manufacturer


What is a microfiber quilt


There are different definitions of ultra-fine fibers. They are also called micro-fibers, fine-denier fibers, and ultra-fine fibers. Generally, fibers with a fineness of less than 0.3 denier (5 microns in diameter) are called ultra-fine fibers. Superfine fiber quilt is actually one of many types of quilts. The quilt made of superfine fiber has a good hand feeling. After long-term use, the fibers will not entangle each other and still maintain excellent bulkiness. Its warmth retention and bulkiness are also comparable to natural down.


The manufacturing material of ultra-fine fiber quilt is mainly to extract various fibers, and then through various processes to finally make the quilt we need, with a soft feel and fluffy warmth.




1. The fabric feels extremely soft: the superfine fiber can increase the layered structure of the silk, increase the specific surface area and capillary effect, make the reflected light inside the fiber distribute more delicately on the surface, and make it have a silk-like elegant luster and good The hygroscopicity and dissipation of moisture.


2. Strong cleaning power: The ultra-fine fiber quilt can absorb dust, particles and liquids 7 times its own weight.




Because the microfiber quilt is very absorbent, the microfiber product cannot be mixed with other items, otherwise it will be stained with a lot of hair and dirt. Do not use an iron to iron the microfiber towels, and the microfiber quilt cannot be exposed to hot water above 60 degrees.


Does the microfiber quilt keep warm?


The microfiber quilt has a good warmth retention effect. With the characteristics of its material, the superfine fiber is soft and slender like natural down, with excellent hand feeling and warmth retention. The slender and dense fiber layer can lock the air and generate a stable still air layer, which plays the role of warmth and cold protection. Moreover, because microfiber is a high-performance textile material processed through advanced technology, the fine density is very good. Therefore, in winter, many families will choose microfiber quilt, which shows that it has a good warmth retention effect.


How to choose a microfiber quilt

1. Fiber content


The manufacturing material of ultra-fine fiber quilt is mainly to extract various fibers, and then process them through various processes to finally make the quilt we need. For this reason, when buying, first look at its fiber content. Generally, fibers with a fineness of less than 0.3 denier (5 microns in diameter) are called ultra-fine fibers, and their weight will not exceed 5 grams. If they are heavy, check whether they are counterfeit products.


2. Fabric


When purchasing, you should first take out the quilt to see if the quilt's fabric is made of microfiber and whether it feels fluffy and soft. Because the fabric is tight, it can be ensured that the chemical fiber filling in the quilt will not overflow. At the same time, you can touch it with your hands to see if the quilt looks very soft and smooth.


3. Famous brand


Since choosing a microfiber quilt requires certain experience and skills, it is recommended that consumers choose high-quality quilts produced by professional, large-scale and well-known brand quilt manufacturers to avoid regrets in use.


How to clean

1. It can be washed directly in the washing machine, or hand-washed with cold water, but be careful not to re-knead it with washing powder, liquid detergent should be used, and the washing time should not be too long, half an hour is better. The washed fiber will not be deformed, but remember that it must be air-dried thoroughly, otherwise it will affect its service life.

2. Ironing at medium temperature, ultra-fine fiber quilt cannot be ironed at high temperature, it is easy to damage the quilt.

3. After the superfine fiber quilt is washed and dried, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, avoid heavy pressure, and keep it clean to prevent mildew.


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