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July 12,2021

Is Pinsonic quilt in your quilt purchase list? If not, now is the time to add them! In recent years, they have a very wide market and are being sought after by everyone, and Pinsonic quilt is 20% or even 50% cheaper than ordinary quilts. OKAY, read on.


After I understood, I knew the reason...


wholesale bulk pinsonic Quilt manufacturer


What is Pinsonic quilt?


Pinsonic quilt is named by the machine Pinsonic, it is a quilting machine, but it has the characteristics of fast and efficient. The quilt made by the machine Pinsonic is called Pinsonic quilt. The characteristic of Pinsonic quilt, there is no trace of needle thread on the quilt, because it uses ultrasonic technology!

Why is the price cheap?

Just like the ultrasonic energy we mentioned above, compared with traditional stitching technology, ultrasonic technology can connect the front fabric, the middle filler and the back fabric in a beautiful pattern. And there is no needle and thread, and the workers only need to bundle them up.


The ultrasonic vibrations generate localized heat by causing one piece of material to vibrate against the other at extremely high speed, resulting in a series of welds that fuse the materials together.


Imagine the cost of machines and labor. It takes a lot of time to make a quilt manually. A machine can produce hundreds of pieces a day, while a Pinsonic machine can produce thousands of pieces a day, so its price is determined by very big advantage.


wholesale bulk pinsonic Quilt manufacturer



When the quilt is stored, do not press heavy objects on it. Long-term heavy pressure will change the shape of the quilt, and the material will become fatigued, bulky and feel worse, and affect the warmth retention. When storing the quilt, you can also add some desiccant in to keep the quilt dry.


To make your quilt more cost-effective, you must find a way to extend its service life.


And not all quilts can be cleaned by washing with water or dry cleaning. If you want to make the quilt last longer, you must choose the correct cleaning method.

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