wholesale bulk plain Bedding manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 15,2021

It is undeniable that many people like simple and plain bedding. One of our members is a big fan of plain Bedding. My mother likes it. It always supports it in both summer and winter.

wholesale bulk plain Bedding manufacturer,suppliers,factory

Plain bedding

Plain color: weaving first and then dyeing
Yarn-dyed: weaving after dyeing
Plain printing: first dyeing and then printing
Plain jacquard: jacquard weaving before dyeing


Although the term plain color gives a limited frame, the bedding has a variety of colors and tones to choose from, whether it is material, material or pattern.


Why my mother like plain bedding so much

  • It is easy to coordinate with other color beddings and decorations in the bedroom to create a simple and peaceful atmosphere
  • Relatively cheaper than the same exquisite embroidery style
  • The color is lighter and can promote sleep.


Many people like it

If you like neutral style and simple style, plain bedding can't be missed. They can easily combine different shades. For example, classic colors such as light yellow, dark gray, black, or light gray are great when mixed and matched to create your style.

Plain bedding cleaning tips

Plain quilts are easily stained by other dark clothing. The first step is to distinguish them from other dark fabrics.

Now, you can check the water wash label, whether it is machine wash or hand wash.
Whether it is machine wash or hand wash, choose mild detergent instead of bleach, they will damage your bedding material.

Machine wash: Choose the fine cleaning mode, or the gentle mode, don't destroy them.
Hand wash: soak first, then gently rub.
After washing, turn their insides out for drying.

Where can I buy high-quality bedding

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