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July 09,2021

Have you heard that the color of the quilt also affects sleep? You might find it ridiculous. Yes, when I heard this for the first time, I was shocked because I had never heard of it. After listening to what I said, you may think that plain quilts would be better, because the colors that are too prominent may irritate the glasses. Now let's look at the relevant research.


wholesale bulk plain Quilt manufacturer


Related research

Studies have found that different colors of light will not only stimulate the eyes and make people perceive colors, but also cause irritation to the skin of the body, and then stimulate the brain and affect the functioning of the brain. In other words, even if you close your eyes, colors can stimulate the skin to affect the brain. Roughly speaking, red can affect blood pressure, green can make people relax, orange makes people warm, and blue makes people calm. Therefore, people who work under pressure can choose blue, the elderly are more suitable for orange, young people can try green, it is not recommended to choose red for sobering people.


About plain quilt

What is plain color, this is a very broad term.

In the design standards, it seems that there is no such classification so far.
In color classification, plain color is actually achromatic, and people are accustomed to calling it "plain color."


Colors can be divided into chromatic and achromatic colors. Some chromatics have certain or certain hues in the spectrum, which are collectively called color tones, while achromatic is no color tones, such as black and white, and various gradients formed in the process of changing from black to white. All the grays belong to the colorless system, which is called plain color.


The difference between solid color and plain color

1. Pure color refers to a color. Plain color is generally a relatively single color, without patterns, that is, a color. This color is more subjective and has no definition. As long as the color is softer, it is plain when put on tall and implicit.


2. Plain color does not have a specific concept. It can be said to be a subjective color. However, in color classification, plain color is achromatic.


The plain color of the quilt is not necessarily only one color, there can be several colors, but they are all relatively low-key dark colors, such as white, black, khaki and other plain colors.


Can I choose a plain quilt?

My answer is yes. We don't need to consider the factor of sleep for the time being, but only consider your preferences and the coordination with your room. It is completely possible to choose, they are very versatile. Moreover, in general, plain quilts promote falling asleep more than colorful quilts. "