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July 13,2021

Have you considered using plain quilt set to pass hot summer? In the hot summer, if you use brightly colored bedding, you will have a visually hot effect.


In summer, it’s time to come up with lighter-colored quilt sets instead of bright-colored ones.


wholesale bulk plain Quilt set manufacturer


What is included in quilt set


The three-piece set includes: a pillowcase, a bed sheet, and a duvet cover.

The four-piece suit has one more pillowcase than the three-piece suit, and the five-piece suit has one more pillowcase and a bed skirt than the three-piece suit. Continue to push it down. The seven-piece suit has one more pillowcase, one bed skirt, and more than the three-piece suit, one thick quilt and one thin quilt.


How to choose the material of bedding in summer


In summer, we recommend cotton, tencel, linen, and silk.


1. Cotton

Advantages: moisture absorption, warmth, anti-static, heat-resistant, relatively hygienic.


Disadvantages: poor elasticity, difficult to recover after deformation, easy to wrinkle, shrink, and stick to hair.


2. Hemp


Hemp is mainly flax on the bedding.


Advantages: high strength, good softness, fast water absorption, high expansion rate after moisture absorption, fast moisture emission, anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance, antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet radiation, low electrical conductivity, fast heat dissipation, hard to burn, etc.


Disadvantages: there are many flying flies, easy to wrinkle, poor dimensional stability, and thorny and hard feeling close to the body.


3. Tencel


Tencel is a synthetic fiber, a brand-new fiber produced by solvent spinning method using softwood pulp as raw material.


Advantages: high strength, comfort, soft drape, unique touch, strong moisture absorption.


Disadvantages: In hot and humid environments, the fabric will become slightly harder, not elastic, and easy to fluff after washing.

4. Silk

The high-quality double palace cocoons are boiled, and the silkworm pupas are peeled out. The cocoons without pupa are first put on the small ring, and then on the big ring, made into thin slices, removed, sterilized and dried, and then the pupa is gradually removed by hand. Large, layer by layer, and finally put on gauze bags to make quilts of various specifications.


Advantages: light weight, long fiber, good warmth and good ventilation.

Disadvantages: expensive.


If you haven't got a plain quilt set, it's time to purchase one.