wholesale bulk poly silk Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 14,2021

Did you sleep well? It's dog days now. Nowadays, the poly silk Quilt set, which has no sultry feeling, is a popular choice in summer. If you can't sleep because of the heat, besides turning on the air conditioner and fan, the poly silk quilt cover is also a good choice.


wholesale bulk poly silk Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory


Poly silk

A fabric made of ultra-hollow structural silk. The hollow rate of poly silk can reach 35%-40%. It contains no flowing air. Therefore, it is used for bed made of poly silk (the quilt is heavy enough, I miss you I don't want your duvet cover to be too heavy).

Application and features

Polyester fabric is affordable to everyone, and its low cost can be used for bedding, clothing, neckties, etc. Although it has good gloss, it doesn't feel smooth and feels rougher than silk. In addition to bedding, ties are mostly used. Generally, they can be divided into yarn-dyed silk ties, printed silk ties, yarn-dyed polyester silk ties, and printed polyester silk ties (anti-silk). With the emergence of new products, some wool + real silk, or 50% real silk + 50% polyester silk ties have appeared, but this type of pattern is not as much as conventional fabric ties.


Buy polyester silk bedding for your guest room

If you want to provide guests with a good summer sleep and leave a deep impression on them, polyester bedding is your best choice. If he has never used a polyester quilt cover, he will definitely have a good impression of it and plan to buy it.


Basic rules of cleaning

Neutral detergents, or slightly alkaline detergents, can not use any bleaching agents, so as not to shorten the service life.


Do not wring dry to avoid deformation. High temperature will affect the strength and tension of polyester yarns, so when drying silk garments, they should be hung in a cool place to ventilate and dry, and not exposed to the sun, lest the ultraviolet rays in the sun will cause them to fade and turn yellow.

Use poly silk Quilt set to remove the sultry feeling of the quilt, and spend the hot summer nights is the most important thing for us now. Now you can check out more new styles, they are already on the market.


Where can I get it?


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