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July 09,2021

The filler of polyester quilt is polyester fiber. Polyester quilt has good wrinkle resistance and heat preservation. It is relatively light, not afraid of pressure, and easy to maintain. It is a popular choice for many families. Therefore, the cleaning problem is also of concern to everyone.


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How to wash polyester quilt


Polyester quilts can be washed with water, and the market price of polyester fiber quilts is much cheaper than natural fiber quilts. Therefore, how to wash polyester fiber quilts is relatively simple, and general washing methods can be used.


Machine wash


The easiest and simplest way to wash the polyester fiber quilt is machine washing. However, when machine washing, it is recommended that you use warm water, and then use a milder detergent.



When placing the quilt in the dewatering bucket, pay attention to evenly lay the quilt around the inner circumference of the dewatering bucket, and gently press it with your hand, and cover the inner cover of the dewatering bucket to start dehydration.


Hand wash


In order to thoroughly clean the polyester fiber quilt, it is recommended that when choosing hand washing, first soak it in warm water with a mild detergent for about 20 minutes, and then wash it by hand. When washing hands, remember not to rub too hard.



When the quilt is washed, the surface will float and bubble up after being soaked in water, so you need to gently press it with your hand. Use warm water, and then choose a milder detergent.


Professional cleaning shop cleaning

This is the least physically demanding thing, but you need to pay a certain fee.




Before cleaning, you must also pay attention to inform the relevant staff about the type of fiber quilt material. So as not to cause damage when cleaning.


In short, polyester quilt is easier to wash, whether it is washed in a washing machine or hand-washed in cold water. However, liquid detergent should be used for cleaning during cleaning. In order to have a good cleaning effect during cleaning, the product should not be cleaned for too long.


Are polyester quilts good?

As I mentioned at the beginning, they are lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to dry. They are the choice of many people, and relatively cheap polyester quilts are ideal for allergy sufferers because they are easy to clean and easy to dry.


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