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July 13,2021

Most of our bedding products are made of polyester and cotton. The polyester quilt set refers to polyester or cotton or mixed with other materials. 100% polyester is actually not suitable for making bedding.


wholesale bulk polyester Quilt set manufacturer


Why not use pure polyester for bedding

Polyester is the most widely used chemical fiber, but polyester is too slippery and has poor hygroscopicity. Sensitive skin may experience allergic reactions even when it is rubbed against the fabric many times.

Polyester will also harden due to oxidation, and at the same time, it has a contact experience that is colder when it is cold and hotter when it is heated.

The problem of static electricity may not only cause discomfort during use, but also absorb dust. The large area covered by the bedding can absorb dust. The comfort and cleanliness are not very good, so there are few pure polyesters. Bedding (especially the quilt cover, polyester slippery, the quilt must run around inside).


However, bedding made of polyester-cotton blends is still very common. It has better light resistance, is easy to wash and dry, and is affordable, but it is definitely not as comfortable as natural fibers. In places with high humidity, pure cotton products are indeed damp, but pure polyester will harden in a humid environment and will not be very comfortable after rubbing with the skin. Blended materials are a good choice.


Polyester imitation cotton, the comfort of cotton is not only because it is a natural material, but also has a certain relationship with the shape of the fiber. It is true that the weaving of polyester filament is relatively smooth, and the imitation cotton is to cut the filament into cotton. Staple fiber needs to be processed to obtain a certain degree of crimp. It is processed according to the staple fiber process to obtain a cotton-like effect. This is also the case when blended with cotton, which is convenient for processing and makes the yarn quality more stable.


Polyester fabrics for sportswear and outdoor products generally use fiber modification or special design of fabric structure to improve the skin-friendly and moisture-wicking properties of the fabric. Chemical modification can use alkali treatment, surface grafting, plasma treatment, etc. The structural treatment is not easy to describe, it is probably the use of a grid-like structure. The main requirements for outdoor products are light, thin, fast-drying, durable, and easy to carry. Polyester satisfies these points very well, but in general, sleeping bags are only tools for meeting sleep requirements in special environments, and are not suitable for long-term sleep.


Therefore, pure polyester is rarely used in bedding, like mixed polyester-cotton bedding. In the southern winter, the quilt cover feels wet and cold, while the polyester is very dry.