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July 09,2021

Compared with embroidered quilts, printed quilts have simpler craftsmanship and cheaper prices. They use the current popular printing technology to give quilt design infinite possibilities. You can learn important knowledge about printing.


wholesale bulk printed Quilt manufacturer


Design of printed quilt

There are various printing designs, so I choose twill printing to explain. This is a printing quilt with fewer colors. We just learned that there are three printing and dyeing methods in the guide. And this quilt uses discharge dyeing, color discharge printing, as a suitable yellow dye (such as vat dye) When mixed with colored bleach, a yellow dot pattern can be printed on the blue fabric. 


The structure of the printed quilt


Printing and dyeing of printed quilt

There are two main methods of fabric printing and dyeing, one is coating printing and dyeing for cheap fabrics, and the other is reactive printing and dyeing mainly used for high-end fabrics. Coating printing and dyeing is a printing and dyeing method in which the dye is physically combined with the fabric through the binder; reactive printing and dyeing is the dye under certain conditions, the active gene of the dye is combined with the fiber molecules, the dye penetrates into the fabric, and the dye and the fabric chemically react to make the dye and the fiber Form a whole.


The difference between reactive printing and dyeing is that the hand feel of reactive printing and dyeing is slippery and soft. The common saying is that the fabrics printed and dyed by coatings feel stiff and look a bit like an ink painting effect. The reactive printing and dyeing fabric looks like mercerized cotton, and the effect of printing and dyeing is very good from both sides.

The material of the printed quilt


  • Pure cotton fabric is a fabric we often buy, it is very suitable for our skin, non-irritating, comfortable and soft.
  • Polyester/cotton is a synthetic material. The polyester-containing fabric will take a long time, and some people will have allergic symptoms, and the fabric will pilling after being washed frequently.
  • The brushed high-count fabric is also made of pure cotton, which is softer, thicker and more skin-friendly than pure cotton, but the price is slightly more expensive.
  • The silk is very smooth.
  • Many people like satin nowadays. You must understand the concept of satin. Many people think that satin is a smooth fabric. In fact, it is not. Everyone confuses satin with satin. The quality of satin is very good. It is dense and washable. It is a combed cotton fabric, and the washing does not change the ball. Nowadays, more satin fabrics are used for bedding.


What are the printing processes of the quilt

Printing method

Generally, there are roller printing (used for large-quantity orders), screen printing (the current mainstream textile printing method), and digital inkjet printing (used for small-quantity high-end products).


Dyes/Pigment Dyes

Mainly used for high-end products. Pigment printing is more common, the process is simple/the cost is relatively low, and it is used for medium to low-end products.

There are many other processes, such as: direct printing/discharge printing/anti-dye printing/corrosion printing. Most of the bed sheets and quilts are printed directly with pigments.


More post-processing techniques can make the final printed product have a variety of special effects. Look more pretty printed quilts in Texline, we are glad to receive your message. Tel: +86 574 5500 1820; Email: texline@texline.com.cn.