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July 12,2021

There are more or less a few printed quilt sets at home from my mother’s selection. Today we are going to popular science on the washing techniques of printed quilt set fabrics and printed bedding.


wholesale bulk printed Quilt set manufacturer


40 twill printed fabric


The fabric has a width of 230cm. After the dye is configured, various patterns are printed on the cotton cloth. It belongs to the traditional printing and dyeing process of weaving and then dyeing, with bright colors and a wide variety of colors. Pure cotton fabrics will shrink slightly, do not ball, and are not easy to fade, but if the fabric is darker in color, the floating color may fade when it is first launched.


60 reactive printing fabrics


The fabric has a width of 2.5 meters and belongs to high-grade combed cotton. It is weaved and then dyed. It uses imported dyes and is printed and dyed with environmentally friendly technology. The color of the fabric is brighter and purer, and the pure cotton fabric will shrink slightly, without balling, and will not fade regardless of the color depth.


60 brushed printed fabric


The fabric has a width of 2.5 meters and belongs to high-grade combed cotton. This fabric is sanded in the post-processing process to make the surface of the fabric show a certain velvet feeling and improve the feel of the fabric.


Sanding is also called sanding. The process of using a sanding roller (or belt) to grind a layer of short and dense fluff on the surface of the fabric is called sanding or sanding. It can make warp and weft yarns produce fluff at the same time, and the fluff is short and dense. The suede surface is smooth, the hand feels plump, soft, rich in suede, the luster is soft, and there is no aurora. The brushed fabric is fluffy, thick, and has good warmth retention performance. When you fall asleep in the cold night, there is no coldness when other cotton cloth comes into contact with the human body. At the same time, it has the advantages of no ball and no fading. The weight of a brushed four-piece suit is twice that of an ordinary four-piece suit.


Printed bedding


1. Detergents with bleach ingredients are prohibited. Bleach has a strong detergency, but it has a bleaching function. It is easy to cause the color of printed products to fade.


2. Wait for the detergent to fully dissolve in the water before putting it into the bedding. No matter whether it is machine-washed or hand-washed, after selecting the detergent, dissolve the detergent in the water, and then put it in the dirty quilt cover. In this way, the dirty quilt cover can fully absorb the cleaning molecules in the detergent, which is more conducive to the cleaning of the bedding.


3. Do not soak in water for a long time (generally not more than 1 hour). Soaking in water for a long time will not only damage the color of the printed quilt set cover, but also cause the fabric to swell, deform and shorten its service life.


4. Do not expose to the sun for a long time. Long-term exposure will also cause the bedding to fade.

If you have your favorite printed bedding, please keep the above operation in mind for washing, so that it has better washing effect and longer service life.


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