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July 06,2021

Make your room full of vitality by simple printed cushions, which gives your personal style and make your room a unique style. You may be more inclined to look for printed cushion manufacturer online, so that it is very convenient to get whether you can customize the design and printing of the printed cushion cover you like, to ensure that your room can be renewed.


wholesale bulk printed cushion manufacturer

Reasons for choosing printed cushions


Better rest

At the end of the day’s trip or work, all fatigue is released on the cushions of the sofa, you can get the greatest comfort, and those fatigue will be wiped away.

Stylish room

Your room may be relatively simple at present, just an empty wall, choose the appropriate printing cushions, they are cheap and can beautify your room, make your living room the focus of friends or guests. They are also very fashionable, and your choice reflects your taste. In addition, practicality is what all buyers want to see.


Good quality and low price

The printed cushions are at a favorable price and can be replaced at any time, according to what you like. In addition to decoration, of course, they are sometimes replaced by other better things, please don't abandon them, they can also be used on your floor. I have tried to use them as cushions before. After sitting for a long time, they really become cushions and pillows. Don't get me wrong. I just sleep on them to watch dramas and play mobile phones.


How to choose a printed cushion


The style is consistent with your home

No one doesn't want their home to look exquisite and have their own style, so all you have to do is choose the one that matches your interior theme.


Color matching

Don't choose a printed cushion with a lot of colors, but if your room is monochromatic (such as all gray, all black, all white, etc.), you can choose a printed cushion with a very strong impact.


According to your needs

Some people like the warmth and cuteness of home, so the printed cushion cover can be the last choice that can add charm and elegance.


We mentioned the pillows above, we now turn our attention to their differences.


The difference between cushion and pillow


The difference between cushion and pillow


1. Different shapes


Cushion: Generally square or round, some cushions will be designed according to the structure of the human back.


Throw pillow: Generally, it has a square shape, which is half the size of a pillow.


2. Different uses


Cushion: It is mainly used to fill the vacancy of the contact point between the human body and the seat and bed. The back part of the human body is supported to make the human body more comfortable.

Pillow: It is mainly used to hold it in the arms, which can keep the human body warm, and give people relief and comfort in mood.


3. Different placement scenes


Cushion: generally placed on the bed or sofa in the bedroom.

Throw pillow: generally placed on the sofa.


Looking for a reliable manufacturer


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