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July 05,2021

As a wholesale bulk printed pillow manufacturer, we must say the use of printed pillowcases is now the most, because they are cheaper than embroidered pillowcases, and you can print patterns directly. And it can be created according to customer requirements (the patterns they want).


wholesale bulk printed pillow manufacturer


Worried about printing problems?

You don't need to worry about printing problems, because they are in direct contact with our skin. The general choice is environmentally friendly reactive printing and dyeing. The dyes will form a stable molecular structure with the fabric fibers, and the color fastness is relatively high.


What is the size of the pillowcase in general?

After browsing a lot in the online store, I am sure to buy a printed pillow, then the size of it is your most concern at the moment. The size of the pillowcase mainly depends on the size of the pillow. Generally, the larger the pillow, the larger the pillowcase, and the smaller the pillow, the smaller the pillowcase.


The size of the pillowcase is affected by many factors, such as adults and children, single and double, etc.


A single adult pillowcase is generally about 48cm*74cm. So when choosing a pillow, the pillow should be less than 0.5 cm each of the length of the pillowcase.


The size of a double pillow case is 48 cm by 150 cm. For two-person pillows, the average pillow area occupied by each person is about 75 cm. Therefore, a pillow length of 150 cm is the best pillow length. It can effectively guarantee that neither person will have a stiff neck.


Children's products are usually smaller in size than adults. Generally, the size of children's pillows is relatively small, so the size of pillowcases is also, usually 30 cm by 50 cm. If you use a pillow case that is too large, it will also cause wrinkles and ineffective coverage.

Some people are prone to changing their sleeping position around their heads at night due to poor sleeping habits. If they do not use the extended pillows, they are more prone to stiff neck and other problems. Therefore, lengthened pillows are used, and their size is usually 48 by 90 cm. It can effectively protect the pillow from stiff neck and other problems.


Plus, pillow size-customizable bed cover

If there is no pillowcase size you want, then customization is your best choice. Because personal body shape and habits are different, the pillow sizes used are different.


Therefore, the general-purpose bed cover may have a large deviation. If the pillow is too large and the pillowcase is too small, it will be difficult to fit the pillow. If the pillow is too small and the pillowcase is too large, it will cause a visual misunderstanding of the blank file and cause the safety hazard of stiff neck. So customizable is the best choice.


Only by choosing the right size, the pillowcase can better cover and prevent the head and face sweat from directly contaminating the pillow, and play an effective protective role.


Printing according to your needs


After knowing these information, you know the tips for size selection. If you need custom printed pillows, welcome to buy custom printed pillow and check the price with us. 📞+86 574 5500 1820. 📨 texline@texline.com.cn.