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July 06,2021

How about investing in a rope embroidered cushion for your room?  In my opinion, it is worthy paying. It is wise to ask the rope embroidered cushion manufacturer for suggestions before making final decision. Now let's knowing what is rope embroidered and something you need to consider.


Rope embroidered

Rope embroidery, also known as rope strand embroidery, is one of the special embroidery. The charm of rope embroidery can be imagined. Other embroidery can control the length of the thread. The length of rope embroidery is longer and it is difficult to control the shape of the pattern. If you have picked a good cushion, which happens to be hand-embroidered, then you have to collect it.


wholesale bulk rope embroidered cushion manufacturer


How to clean the rope cushion  


Partial cleaning


Please use a dry cloth or soft brush, moisten a little neutral detergent, focus on removing the stains, and then dry it.  


Overall cleaning


When doing overall cleaning, pour warm water into the bathtub, and then pour in neutral detergent to dissolve thoroughly. Then put the pillow into the water to soak it completely, and gently rub it with your hands. After taking it out of the water, rinse it off carefully with hot water, and then squeeze out the moisture with a large towel to adjust the original shape of the cushion. After being exposed to the sun on a sunny day, straighten the shape and cloth again, and avoid using washing machines or dryers. If you need to maintain the softness of the cushion and pillow, you can often sun the cushion on a sunny day.




When washing the embroidered cushion cover, it is natural to be more careful than other cushion covers, and the washing label usually does not specifically indicate the embroidered part should be handled, so before we wash this type of clothing, we must first Use a wet towel or handkerchief to rub it on a place where the embroidery is not obvious, so as to test whether the color will fade. If the embroidered part will fade, you need to take it to a special laundry for cleaning, but if the embroidered part does not fade If we do, we just need to deal with it as normal hand laundry.


DIY rope cushion




Fabric with rope embroidery (if you know rope embroidery, you can try it yourself), filler (enough cotton wool), needle thread, scissors

Step 1


Determine the size and shape you want, and cut them out (remember to leave a certain thickness and length to sew)

Step 2


Make sure to turn their backs upside down and start sewing by hand (more time-consuming). If you have a sewing machine at home, this is the most time-saving.

Step 3


Leave a hole so that your cushion can have enough space to receive the cotton wool, stuff it almost full, and start sewing.

Step 4


After sewing, tie a knot to prevent the cotton wool from running out.


DIY corded cushions are also a good way to give someone away. If you encounter your friend’s birthday, he will be touching and surprised by giving a hand-made gift.


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