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July 12,2021

For the choice of summer quilts, I prefer ruffled quilts, since it can break through the traditional rectangle, it seems more lovely, and can play a certain decorative role.


wholesale bulk ruffled Quilt manufacturer


How to add a ruffle to a quilt


How to make the ruffle, the ruffle is generally cut by an arc or spiral cutting method. The inner arc is sewn on the garment piece, and the outer arc naturally spreads out to form a lotus leaf curve. There are also combined discounts. Made to increase the ups and downs of the waves.


Step 1


Use the method of pleating, which is very natural and beautiful. If you are using an electric sewing machine, adjust the pressure of the upper thread to the minimum, roll the straight line, and then draw the bottom thread. Natural pleats will appear, and the trim will become a lotus leaf.


Step 2


Cut the cloth into a ring shape, stitch the inner circle on the edge, and form an elegant natural lotus leaf because of the difference in the inner and outer circumferences. It is often used in three-dimensional cutting or evening dress production.


Step 3


Face up, use 2.50 to slowly crochet and B-color thread, add the thread to the small loop at the front end of the last row of a fan, and frill the hem. 1 short needle, 5 lock needles, 1 short needle into the next small ring, repeat 4 times, 8 lock needles, 1 short needle into the first small ring of the next sector, and finally narrow the needle with the short needle.


Step 4


Use a soft ruler to measure the length of the edge of the ruffle that needs to be decorated, and then add the required amount of the ruffle to get the total length of the ruffle. The width can be customized according to your needs. Cut the fabric, and make the other side of the cloth hem or seam Use the machine to lock the edges. Use needle and thread to fold the edge of the cloth according to the amount of fold and sew while sewing. After sewing with large stitches, tighten the thread to the desired length and tie the knot to fix it, and it is enough to sew the finished ruffle and the front side of the fabric relative to each other.


After the above steps, you can add beautiful flounces to quilt~


How can I get ruffled Quilt?


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