wholesale bulk ruffled Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 14,2021

Do you like ruffled Quilt set? I like many things about ruffled, including my clothes and skirts.


When I am in a bedding store, I am always attracted by more complicated designs or unique designs. I like them better than the boring, ordinary-shaped quilt sets.


wholesale bulk ruffled Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory


You may considerate


  • Since the lotus leaf may occupy a certain amount of space, ensure that your bed is at the height of the ground.
  • Make sure your floor is clean and tidy, otherwise the service life of your bedding will be greatly reduced.
  • Do their colors match the design of your room?


How often should they be washed


The frequency of changing and washing should be determined according to different seasons and conditions:


1. Summer


The bed sheets are naturally changed and washed the most frequently. It is recommended to wash them once a week. In summer, a lot of bacteria and residues will accumulate on the bed sheets. In summer, the human body will excrete a lot of sweat, which is also a major germ. Not only does it smell bad, it is also very bad for the body. So in the summer, you should change your schedule more frequently.


2. Other seasons


Many people think that in other seasons, the sheets can obviously be changed and washed for a longer time, because in winter, there is less sweating and the sheets are not easy to get dirty. In fact, the dirty is invisible to our eyes. Although it is in winter, it is recommended to change and wash frequently. Better, it is best to change and wash every two to three weeks in winter.

Cleaning method


Sheets and duvet covers not only need to be cleaned diligently, but also know some correct cleaning methods. Because there are a lot of bacteria on the bed sheets, the water temperature should be controlled between 54℃-66℃ during cleaning, and the cleaning should be 15-20 minutes. After washing, it should be dried or dried in time to achieve the sterilization effect. In order to achieve the best antibacterial effect, bleach can also be used. It is the cheapest fungicide, but it is best to use a lower concentration.


Give your room a new look

Using ruffle Quilt set to refresh the room is the best budget choice. If you haven't used them, you can try them now. You can choose your favorite color, holy white, vibrant yellow, etc. Plus, if you are suffering from the lack of a reliable manufacturer, please consider us. Ningbo Texline Import & Export Co., Ltd is one of the leading wholesale ruffled Quilt set manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy custom ruffled Quilt set and check the price with us.