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July 12,2021

I personally like sand-washed quilts, they make our bed look more textured. Because sand washing can increase the price of goods to a certain extent. The quilt is a thicker fabric, and the sand washed quilt will be smoother, softer, and look more textured.


wholesale bulk sand washed Quilt manufacturer

wholesale bulk sand washed Quilt





Sand washing is divided into three types: light, medium and heavy washing. The finished garment after heavy washing has obvious effects on the hand and surface, especially like heavy silk crepe de chine, spun silk and crepe satin. After heavy sanding, the hand feels smooth Light and soft, strong texture, good drape. However, heavy sand washing has an effect on the fastness of the fabric and is generally suitable for thick fabrics. After sand washing, the selling price of silk garments can be increased by at least 5%.


Why do quilts need sand washing

Due to the characteristics of sand washing, some thicker fabrics are usually sand washed, because sand washing uses some alkaline and oxidizing additives to make the clothes have a certain fading effect and old feeling after washing. A layer of soft frosty fluff will be formed on the surface of the back fabric, and some softeners can be added to make the fabric soft and soft after washing, thereby prolonging the life of the quilt cover.


Cotton clothing can determine the type, amount, temperature and time of the bulking agent, as well as the amount of sand washing powder and softener, and the processing temperature and time according to the structure, warp and weft density, yarn count, and twist strength. Generally speaking, The sand washing effect of the selected yarn fabric is better than the thread fabric, the thick yarn is better than the high count yarn, the low twist is better than the high twist, and the floating length is better than the short floating product.


Additional knowledge

What is the reason why the quilt area is yellow

1. During sleep, the sweat and other excreta discharged from the body contain organic components, such as protein (denatured and precipitated), fat, etc. These components adhere to the fabric, deposit in the gaps of the fabric, and accumulate for a long time, which will naturally make the quilt pillow. Faint and yellowish.


Yellow stains caused by sweating, use ammonia to remove:


Sweat stains caused by sweating, because the sweat containing fat is easy to condense in the fabric fibers, so add about 2 tablespoons of ammonia water when washing, soak for a few minutes, scrub it, then wash with water, and follow the general procedures. , You can remove the yellow sweat stains.


2. Improper preservation or use. If the area of ​​the yellow spots is not large, you can also use a cotton cloth dipped in some diluted neutral detergent to wipe. If the sand washed quilt core is not washable, you can only send it to a professional laundry for cleaning and removal.