wholesale bulk sandwashed Bedding manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 16,2021

In order to make the bedding more soft, many crafts are often involved. Among them, sandwashed bedding can create a retro-style appearance. It has an old look. Of course, this is deliberate to make the bedding look more textured. 


When you use cotton fabric for your sandwashed Bedding, it will be more durable than other materials. In addition, they are resistant to washing and easy to clean.


wholesale bulk sandwashed Bedding manufacturer,suppliers,factory


Garment wash VS sand wash

Garment wash


This is a simple cleaning method, just add detergent or softener to the water and mix them in the water.


According to the washing time and the amount of softener, it is generally divided into light general washing, general washing, and heavy general washing.

The effect after washing: the fabric will become very soft, very hand-feel, and there will be an illusion that the fabric is thicker. If you want to feel good, soft, and have a thick texture, then choose washed bedding.

Sand washing


Supervision and washing are similar processes, but there are differences in what is added. In sand washing, alkaline or oxidizing additives are generally used, and some softeners are added in an appropriate amount according to the situation.


The purpose of adding alkaline additives is to destroy the structure of the surface of the fabric. Like washing, the fabric feels softer after sand washing, but the difference is that the surface of the fabric will have some fluff, and even a light white mist. Therefore, after sand washing, the fabric will become soft and fluffy, and the fabric will have an illusion of thickening. It is recommended that thick fabrics be sand washed, such as bedding. If thin fabrics are sand washed, they are easy to split and may break with a gentle pull. If you want a white mist and a soft touch, sandwashed Bedding is your best choice.


Will the sand-washed silk fabric break?

If your silk fabric is of high weight, you should choose ≥22mm. After sand washing, you will still get a worn-out style. You can try it if you like retro and old silk style!