wholesale bulk sandwashed Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 14,2021

How is the sandwashed Quilt set made, why can it achieve a soft and soft effect, and what chemical agents are used in it? There are some other questions, you can get answers in this article.


wholesale bulk sandwashed Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory


Sand washing agent


Sand lotion

After the clothes are puffed, the fibers are loose, and then rubbed with the help of special sand washing, so that the loose surface fibers produce plump and soft hairs. To make the suede plump, you must choose different shapes and different hardness sand powders, if you can choose Diamond sand (makes loose fibers produce fluff), polygonal sand (makes the fluff upright), round sand (makes the fluff plump).


Expanding agent

According to the type of fiber, the structure and tightness of the fabric, the puffing agent and concentration, temperature, time and other puffing conditions are selected. When pure cotton clothes are sand washed, alkaline puffing agents such as soda ash can be used for puffing treatment.


Softener for sand washing. It is required to be soft and waxy, so that the fabric can gain weight, and the drape should be significantly improved. Therefore, this kind of softener should have a long carbon chain and cationic properties, which can be adsorbed on the fabric to achieve the purpose of weight gain.


Sand washed crafts


Generally used in industrial washing machine for puffing, sand washing and softening treatment, dewatering by centrifugal pump dehydrator, and drying drum dryer used in knitting factory to dry goose down.


Cotton clothing can determine the type, amount, temperature and time of the bulking agent, as well as the amount of sand washing powder and softener, and the processing temperature and time according to the structure, warp and weft density, yarn count, and twist strength. Generally speaking, The sand washing effect of the selected yarn fabric is better than the thread fabric, the coarse yarn is better than the high count yarn, the low twist is better than the high twist, and the floating length is better than the short floating product.


How can I tell if my quilt set is sand washed?

First, you can check the washing label on your quilt, which usually contains information.


If your quilt cover is old (provided that your quilt cover is new and you just bought it, after all, the old quilt cover must be old)


What happens if the quilt is covered with a stone during the sand washing process?


After washing, the surface of the cloth will produce a layer of soft white fluff. You can check whether there is a layer of fluff on the surface of your sand washed quilt set.