wholesale bulk stonewashed Bedding manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 16,2021

Stonewashed bedding has many fans and I am one of them. I like the old texture and retro design. If I can, I will try my best to make every room in my house richer in retro style.


wholesale bulk stonewashed Bedding manufacturer,suppliers,factory


Stone washing and pre-shrinking

What is stonewashed

Add pumice stones of the same size in the washing water to polish the stones and textiles to give them a more unique appearance. It is a special form of textile washing.


Generally, yellowstone, artificial stone, natural stone (such as pumice or volcanic rock), rubber balls, etc. are used for washing together. After use, the fabric will get a softer touch and luxurious appearance.


Totally know them, just view this video





Pre-shrinking is a finishing process for the purpose of reducing shrinkage, which reduces the shrinkage of fabrics after soaking in water through physical methods. This process is also called mechanical pre-shrinking. Pre-shrinking is mainly to control the warp shrinkage rate of the fabric. The warp shrinkage rate of the fabric before pre-shrinking is generally 7-8%. After pre-shrinking, the warp shrinkage rate of the fabric is conventionally required to reach the national standard 3% or the American standard 3%. Due to the different drying methods, the requirements of the American standard are relatively high, and 3% of the American standard is equivalent to 1% of the national standard.


Pre-shrinking is a necessary process for silk products. Generally, the shrinkage rate of chiffon, stretch satin, organza, and silk is about 5%.

How stonewashed make the fabric into final bedding


You will see a lot of big rocks and fabrics being put together in a large industrial washing machine. Turn on the switch of the drum. When it starts to rotate, the stones inside the drum start to move and repeatedly hit the bedding.


What is the role of stone washing?

Get a worn texture. Because in the roller, the stone will wear the fabric through the friction generated by the impact to help the bedding obtain the abrasion texture.


Make the bedding softer. Your night will be very comfortable and you can sleep at ease.
Make the room full of retro style. The result of stone washing is slightly faded, which is very much in line with the current trend of simplicity.


How to maintain stone washing bedding?

This is very convenient, the best choice in summer, they are beautiful and easy to clean, hand wash, machine wash, tumble drying, and durable.

Dark and light-colored bedding should be washed separately. In addition, dark-colored bedding should be turned out and hung in a place far away from direct sunlight to dry, otherwise it will fade.

There is no need to spend extra thoughts on ironing, their original wrinkles are the reason for their popularity.


Want to fill the room with more stone toiletries?


This can be done!

The existence of stone washing technology allows linen towels, linen tablecloths, etc., to be stored in your room.