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July 12,2021

Why you love stonewashed quilt so much? There are plenty of reasons for you to pick it. It is generally admitted that stonewashed quilt looks nice and high-quality, and so do I.


wholesale bulk stonewashed Quilt manufacturer


Understanding stonewashed

Stonewashed bed linens are gentle, dangle wonderfully and have a pleasant fade to the colour. This is attained by means of the process of cleaning the material in big machines with pumice or excitable rocks (usually) inside that bash and topple the cloth's fibres.


As the weave works loose the cloth ends up being much more flexible as well as delicate, offering it that gorgeous drape and casual coating that most of us really love a lot. There are different washes utilizing enzymes instead of stones to avoid possible damage to the cloth .


Why quilt is stonewashed?

  • Sleep more comfortably and at ease
  • The softness and flexibility of the quilt are improved
  • Give your quilt look like faded vintage fabric color
  • Let your bed design conform to the modern trend of simplicity
  • Stonewashed quilt keeps your heart relaxed, quiet and comfortable

How to care for your stonewashed quilt?

It's important to properly care for your Stonewashed quilt to ensure it stays beautiful for longer. In order to do so, we recommend the following:

  • Wash your sheets prior to first use
  • Warm hand or machine wash inside out on gentle cycle(40c) using liquid detergent
  • Do not rub,soak or wring and do not bleach
  • Line dry in shade or tumble dry on low
  • lf desired, press with cool iron on reverse
  • Do not dry clean

In addition to empowering people to get exquisite bedding, stone washing technology is also a clothing cleaner for linen napkins, linen tablecloths and linen towels. If you also like this simple and exquisite stone washed quilt, welcome to contact us.