wholesale bulk stonewashed Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 14,2021

About stonewashed Quilt set, before the combination of stonewashing technology and duvet cover, they were initially treated with denim fabrics for denim and sports jackets, and then slowly combined with other fabrics. Of course, the reasons are also their aesthetics and their function.


wholesale bulk stonewashed Quilt set manufacturer,suppliers,factory


What is stone wash

Stone washing means adding a certain size of pumice to the washing water to polish the pumice and clothes.

According to the different requirements of customers, white stone, yellow stone, artificial stone, AAA stone, rubber ball, etc. can be used for washing to achieve different washing effects. After washing, the cloth surface will appear gray and old, and the clothes may be slightly to severely damaged. 


Stone wash quilt set

The simple understanding of this is to give the newly produced textile cloth an old look to make your duvet cover look a bit old. This is also the popular aesthetic of the current trend of simplicity.


Why stone washing

It helps to increase the softness and flexibility of fabrics, and makes them softer in their simple and old appearance.


This process uses large stones to roughen the fabric during processing. The garments were placed in a large horizontal industrial washing machine, which was filled with large rocks. As the washing tank rotates, the fiber cloth is repeatedly beaten by the tumbling stones, the inner drum of the built-up paddle falls back and the cloth comes down.


In addition to the stone wash quilt set, what else can have an old look


The processes of general washing, enzyme washing, sand washing and chemical washing can also give the quilt set a stale appearance. These processes can also give clothing, bedding and other textiles an old look.


What to do if the zipper of the quilt is stuck

The most important thing is that you have to be patient, don’t be anxious, don’t be anxious, you must do bad things if you are impatient, figure out where you are stuck, and repeat push and pull to see if you can make it happen. If you still can’t, I have a very old recipe here. You can try it. If you have candles in your house, try rubbing them on the zipper to see if it works. If it still does not work, it is recommended that you replace it with a new zipper or replace the duvet cover. If you like this quilt very much, there is another way to fix it. You can change them to the form of buttons, or find something similar to a pin, but it can’t be a pin. It’s too dangerous!