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July 05,2021

wholesale bulk towel stitched pillow manufacturer


What are the advantages of towel stitched pillow

Have you ever used a towel stitched pillow, or have you heard of a towel stitched pillow? What are the advantages of the towel stitched pillow?


Towel stitched pillow

Towel stitched pillow is a pillow case made of pure cotton towel. A woven fabric with loop pile or loop pile cut pile on the surface woven with pure cotton yarn. They are skin-friendly and can give the skin a soft feeling.


Why choose towel stitched pillow


1. The towel material is highly hygroscopic, and the shrinkage rate is large, about 4% to 10%.

2. Alkali and acid resistance. Cotton cloth is extremely unstable to inorganic acid, and it will be destroyed even in a very dilute state, but organic acid has weak effect and hardly destructive effect. Cotton cloth is relatively resistant to alkali. Generally, dilute alkali at room temperature has no effect on cotton cloth. If it is strong alkali, the strength of cotton cloth will decrease. Cotton cloth is often treated with 20% caustic soda solution to obtain mercerized cotton cloth.

3. Light resistance and heat resistance are average. Cotton cloth will be slowly oxidized in the sun and the atmosphere, reducing its strength. Long-term high temperature action will damage the cotton cloth, but it can withstand short-term high temperature treatment of 125 degrees to 150 degrees.

4. Microorganisms have a destructive effect on cotton fabrics, which are manifested as being intolerant to mold.

5. Hygiene. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose, there are a small amount of waxy substances, nitrogenous substances and pectin. The pure cotton fabric has been tested and practiced in many ways, and the fabric has no irritation or negative effect when it comes in contact with the skin. It is beneficial and harmless to the human body when worn for a long time, and has good hygiene properties. Therefore, you can try to choose the towel stitched pillowcase.


Care of towel stitched pillow

1. Care according to label instructions.

2. Choose mild detergent. Avoid pouring detergent directly on the towel pillowcase, otherwise, the remaining detergent liquid will change the color of the towel. Minimize the use of chlorine bleach.

3. Avoid overheating of water when washing. Need to wash the dark towel pillowcase and light towel pillowcase separately. Do not wash it with clothing containing zippers, hooks or buttons to avoid damage to the towel loop. Do not wash it together with the clothing. The terry fabric will wrap the light and soft fabrics in it, and the tiny lint that comes off the towel will stick to the clothes and affect the appearance of the clothes.


Tips for choosing a towel pillow

1. Twist

Applying a certain twist to the sliver can increase the toughness and smoothness, and the twisted sliver will become cotton yarn and become the raw material of the bedding.
Generally, in pursuit of fabric softness, yarns with as little twist as possible are used. The non-twisted yarn uses a special process to minimize the twist of the cotton yarn, so as to achieve super softness and water absorption. But at the same time, because there is no twist, the toughness and smoothness of the yarn are reduced, the fabric is prone to lint and thread breakage, and it is not very washable.


2. Feel fluffy and soft

Such pillowcases are skin-friendly and make your use more comfortable and pleasant. Water absorption is one of the important attributes of towels. All kinds of towels have good water absorption and water storage properties due to the layer of looped loops covering the surface of the fabric. The height of the loops is closely related to the quality of the towel. Under the same other conditions, towels with many loops and high are more absorbent, softer and thicker, and have a long service life. Therefore, pay more attention to the height of the loops when choosing a towel stitch pillow.


3. Pattern

The quality-certified pillows have rich patterns, diverse styles, bright colors and exquisite workmanship. The cottage towel craft is simple.


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