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July 06,2021

Tufted cushions are also a popular choice nowadays, and many people are asking about tufted cushions. Now we will take 1 minute to understand the material of the bottom cushion, is it be your first love?


The material of the cushion


The material of the cushion includes fabrics and accessories, and almost all fabrics can be used to make cushion covers.

Commonly used are printed cotton cloth, yarn-dyed checkered cloth, tufted, corduroy, brocade, linen fabric, woolen fabric, knitted fabric, etc. The accessories made of various cushions include the accessories and fillings of the cushion cover, called the cushion cover The accessories mainly include zippers, buttons, laces, ropes, tassels, etc., there are many kinds of fillings for cushions, including hollow three-dimensional curled fibers, foam plastic particles, down, silk and other fillable materials, the most common is three-dimensional crimped fiber. The three-dimensional crimped fiber is made of recycled polymer material as the raw material for cutting. It is produced by melt spinning and asymmetric cold technology. Using three-dimensional crimped fiber as a filler can not only maintain good crimp, but also have high bulkiness, high elasticity, and good hand feeling; while the foam is lighter than the child, has strong adsorption capacity, and does not break. It has strong decontamination ability and service life. Long and other advantages, down feels soft and comfortable and has good resilience. It is often used in high-end cushions.


wholesale bulk tufted cushion manufacturer


Tufted cushion

In the previous content, we have talked about tufted pillows, which are a kind of material with tufted cushions. Tufted cushions have the following advantages:


  • The variety of colors and styles is complete, and the range of options is very wide;
  • The tufted cushion has full appearance, strong durability and elasticity;
  • The product grade covers high, middle and low ranges, which can meet the needs of different customers;
  • High production efficiency and short delivery cycle;
  • High dimensional stability, there is no shrinkage problem during use;
  • It has wide applicability and can be used in different places.


How to rightly use your tufted cushions


According to the doctor's guidance, the position of the cushion is also particular.


First of all, the cushion must be placed on the waist, it is incorrect to put it on the back. This is because there are 5 lumbar vertebrae in a normal human body. Due to physiological needs, they do not grow in a straight line, but a lordotic shape protruding forward in the middle. Viewed from the side, the lumbar spine is like a small bag with a gentle slope. Due to this physiological characteristic, the waist and back cannot be placed on the same plane. Therefore, the correct sitting posture should be to raise your chest and head up.


When you need to recline in a chair, keep your waist straight, leave the back of the chair, and sit back as far as possible when sitting on the sofa. Sit your hips on the bottom of the sofa, with your back close to the back of the sofa. If you put a cushion on the waist, you can effectively support the waist, maintain the physiology of the lumbar spine, balance the pressure of the lumbar spine and lumbar muscles, reduce strain, increase body comfort, prevent and improve lumbar discomfort, and stabilize the spine benefit.


Secondly, the cushion should not be too thick, preferably a cushion with a height of 10 cm. In this way, the human body is pressed backwards, which is exactly 5-8 cm, which is most in line with the physiological lordosis of the lumbar spine. Too thick will cause excessive flexion of the lumbar spine.


The above can also be used as your reference suggestions when purchasing tufted cushions. If you haven't tried it, now let it be your first love.