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July 05,2021

Tufted pillows

Tufted pillows, most people in the textile industry know about tufted pillows. If they do not do related industries, they may just want to choose a pillow for the sofa or bedding at home. They may be puzzled when they see tufted pillows. As a wholesale bulk tufted pillow supplier, we often suffer from these problems, so today we will focus on tufted pillows.


Tufted pillows mainly talk about materials, let’s take a look at what tufted fabrics mean.


wholesale bulk tufted pillow supplier


Tufted fabric

Tufted yarns generally use polyester, polypropylene, nylon and other blended yarns, and high-end products will use pure wool yarn; the base fabric used jute woven fabric in the early days, and currently most of them use polypropylene flat yarn woven fabric, polyester filament woven fabric or non-woven Fabric.


Take the carpet as an example. The pile of the carpet is implanted with a special tufting needle into the base cloth to form piles, and the piles are cut to form piles. The back of the base cloth is coated with resin and rubber (backing rubber) to fix it. Loops or piles can prevent loose piles and pilling, and can improve the dimensional stability of tufted fabrics. On the back of the tufted fabric coated with glue, another layer of foam backing can be pasted, or a second layer of fabric can be pasted on the back of the tufted fabric, which is called secondary backing, which can increase the elasticity and durability of the tufted fabric. function. Pillow cases are similar. Products are mostly used as floor paving materials for walkways and indoors.


Tufted pillows

Tufted pillows are also called embroidered pillows. They can be made of pure cotton, acrylic, polypropylene, etc. The colored yarns are fixed on the base fabric with a tufting machine, and a certain length of pile embellishment is formed on the reverse side of the base fabric. The pattern on the base fabric is repeatedly tufted, and then processed by seaming and brushing. Wet finishing can also be carried out in order to avoid pile hair falling.


How to clean tufted pillowcases?

You may not have used this, because conventionally, we usually need to use water to clean the pillowcases, but this method does not require water for your cleaning.


Preparation: salt, dirty plush pillowcase, plastic bag


Step1: Put half a bowl of large-grain salt (that is, coarse salt, available in supermarkets) and the dirty plush pillowcase into a plastic bag.

Step2: Tie the mouth, shake it tens of times. When it is taken out, the salt has become gray-black due to the adsorption of dirt.

Is there any benefit to doing this?

It avoids the knotting of the plush pillowcases caused by washing with water. At the same time, the salt has a disinfecting effect. It is quick and time-saving.

What makes him clean?

Principle: Utilizes the adsorption of the positive and negative ions of table salt, namely sodium chloride, on dirt.

Tufted pillows can improve the style of interior decoration, and sometimes it is troublesome to clean. If you have them at home, you can try the methods we provide. Of course, if you need to replace it with a new one, please contact us and we will provide you with a free quotation.