wholesale bulk velvet Bedding manufacturer,suppliers,factory

July 16,2021

Velvet bedding is the perfect bedding for autumn and winter. They are soft and comfortable, very suitable for keeping warm in autumn and winter. Since velvet bedding becomes very heavy when exposed to water, so how often should they be washed?


wholesale bulk velvet Bedding manufacturer,suppliers,factory


The current velvet fabrics are all made of high-quality cotton yarns with higher than high matching, mainly including jacquard and drawstring, printing, plain color, yarn-dyed and burnt-out series. The raw materials are all 80 cotton/20 polyester, 80 polyester/20 cotton, 65T/35C, bamboo fiber cotton velvet and so on.


Is velvet bedding in style?

Of course, they are now the main content of interior decoration, the correct choice of colors will make your bedroom more luxurious and fashionable.


Is fleece same as velvet?

As the name suggests, they are not the same. Fleece comes from hairy animals such as sheep, while velvet used to use silk, but now it is mostly made of high-quality cotton yarn.


How often do I wash the velvet bedding?

In autumn and winter, human sweat will be reduced, so your velvet sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases can be washed every 2 weeks.


If you have no pets in your house and leave no food residue on your velvet blanket, your velvet blanket only needs to be cleaned once a month. It is best to dry your quilt and duvet once a week.



The correct cleaning is performed in accordance with the washing label on the velvet bedding, rather than based on your own past experience, after all, experience is sometimes wrong. They can generally be washed by hand and machine. If they are machine washed, be sure to choose a mild mode.


Ways to remove velvet stains

Prepare a soft brush, which can help remove stains and dust remaining on the velvet.
Prepare distilled water and let the soft cloth soak in it completely. Wring it out afterwards without dripping.

Remember not to soak the velvet, just wipe the stained area with the prepared damp cloth.

After wiping them, immediately use a dryer or fan to dry them under resisting conditions.


What to do if the stain is not removed

Use your steam cleaner to treat the area. Of course, the steam contained in the steam iron can also be used.


Such a perfect bedding can now be prepared for the autumn and winter of 2021

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